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Journal Journal: Annual changing of the passwords

As is my own personal Security Policy, did my annual Changing Of The Passwords (changed all my passwords in my online accounts, and home WiFi (WPA2 PSK key)).

Tried to create and use strong passwords, unique to each online account.

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Journal Journal: timediff c program - gpl 2

Wrote a little c program to do command line calculation of the number of days between two dates, and respecting Gregorian calendar leap-year.

Hope others might find it useful as I do.

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Journal Journal: SGVLUG meeting 2010-03-11

Interesting presentation on data ownership, and the usual general discussions.

Enjoyed hanging out, and the 'after party' at burger continental.

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Journal Journal: shell script to distribute files from 1 dir to many dirs

Just a shell script I wrote to be able to distribute files in one file to many directories.
Created it because my one directory of digital images was getting too big, such that it was slowing down image viewer startup.
#! /bin/bash

# distribte (by using mv)files from a source directory
# to collection of target directories (by using a for loop)
# ...
if [ "$#" -lt "3" ]
    echo " ... "

ARG_ARRAY=( "$@" )

unset ARG_ARRAY[0]
#for i in "${ARG_ARRAY[@]}"
# echo $i


# Get list of files to distribute
for i in $(ls $SOURCE_DIR)
    if [ -d "$SOURCE_DIR/$i" ]
    #distribute to the distination directories
    #echo "mv \"${SOURCE_DIR}/$i\" ${ARG_ARRAY[$AAL]}/."
    mv ${SOURCE_DIR}/$i ${ARG_ARRAY[$AAL]}/.
    AAL=$((AAL + 1))
    if [ $AAL -gt $ARG_ARRAY_LENGTH ]

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Journal Journal: sgvlug - january 2008 meeting - was great fun

Went to the SGVLUG general meeting last night.

Had a great presentation on WINE, the windows compatibility softare, running on a recent Ubuntu.

Then went to Burger Continental to pig out. Had a garlic chicken pita, salad bar, and chocolate cake with cherry ice cream and a Dr.Pepper.

3000 calorie nirvana.

Was great fun.

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Journal Journal: Debian PC back up after hardware failure

Yay to my fellow members of the sgvlug.

The power supply on my Debian PC failed a few months ago.

A sgvlug member donated a 400w ATX power supply this weekend. Installed it, and now my little workstation is back!

yayness - karma feels good sometimes.

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Journal Journal: Proud Slashdot 10 year anniversary T-shirt owner

Proud Slashdot 10 year anniversary T-shirt owner.

My LUG, SGVLUG ( hosted one of the Slashdot anniversary parties. I attended.

Got one of the very nice T-shirts!

Congrats to Slashdot on their anniversary, and look forward to celebrating the 20 and 25 year ones, too!

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Journal Journal: happy friday

Cranking along merrily with JCL and mainframe stuff today.

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