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Comment: Re:Fuck IPv6 (Score 1) 305

by mrbcs (#47226189) Attached to: When will large-scale IPv6 deployment happen?
I worked for an isp where I live. At one point he had 80 homes running through one ip. (yes he was an idiot). He did though, have decent protection on his network, eventually. When he finally went broke from not paying his bills, he had to sell the company at fire sale prices.

The company that bought it, removed any such protection and integrated his network into their own. Within days people started having virus problems.

I had switched a year before and the company I switched to actually gave me a 192.168.x.x address for my router. I thought that was weird but I did check and I do have an internet facing ip. I had them open up port 3389 on their router/modem and I could remote in.

What gets really strange though is that I have my network running on another router hooked up to theirs. Everything works fine, I can game, watch videos, port forward etc. There is a second port on their router for an xbox. After having latency issues because my wife was watching videos, I hooked up that port to my gaming machine. Guess what? Virus issues within hours.

Cleaned out the virus, went back to my router, no more issues.

The bottom line: The general public will never switch to IPv6 if is going to cost them money with no reward. If what we have works now, there is zero incentive. The isp's won't change until they have to either. No-one is going to volunteer.

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by mrbcs (#47216431) Attached to: When will large-scale IPv6 deployment happen?
You can port forward anything that you want to face the web.

Personally, I like the added protection of my own router.

I said this 15 years ago, and I'll say it again, IPv6 will never fly. Ever. We will all just nat and forget about it.

My fridge does NOT need to be on the web. Ever. That was a dumb idea then and it's worse now. Why let the world (NSA) hack into your life?

I have 1 public facing ip and my whole house behind it. Why would i want 20 devices with their asses hanging out on the web?

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by mrbcs (#46907941) Attached to: Why Microsoft Shouldn't Patch the XP Internet Explorer Flaw
Exactly. Microsoft doesn't want to update it fine, release the source and let someone else do it. I have machines still on Service Pack 2 that have never had any issues.
(yes I have anti-virus and scan with anti-malware)

XP works fine, has some features I like better than 7 and works on tons of machines that don't need to go to the landfill. I have at least 10 boxes that will never be upgraded and I don't have any issues. I will never put linux on these machines. Linux is completely over rated and useless to me.

Most of this crap is FUD. Look after your network and don't be stupid on the web. Simple.

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by mrbcs (#46859241) Attached to: Microsoft Issues Advisory For Internet Explorer Vulnerability
How about, I don't know, USE ANOTHER COMPUTER!!!!!

We now have these wonderful devices called flash drives. I think one of those might work. /sarcasm

In this day in age, I'm pretty sure everyone can find either another computer or a family member to download a 20 meg (or so) file for them.

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by mrbcs (#46828461) Attached to: ARIN Is Down To the Last<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/8 of IPv4 Addresses
You sir win the internets!!

I agree wholeheartedly. There is not now, nor will there ever be, a reason to have all computers facing the internet without a router. IPv6 has been a collossal (sp?) waste of resources.

I tried a dumb little experiment the other week. I'm not retarded, I've been playing with computers since 1994.

I thought I'd be "smart" and use the second port on my isp supplied router for gaming. The port is there for x-box and the like. Thought I'd get a better ping. My wife likes watching videos while I play WoT.

Guess what? Virus like RIGHT NOW!!! I have antivirus, firewall and hosts file. I don't download anything sketchy, yet I was owned in no time.

I changed back to my router, which is behind their router, cleaned out my system and haven't had any issues since. I now use qos from my switch. (Yes I realize I should have done that first).

So by going through two routers I have no need for an ipv6 address and I can do anything I need to do including online gaming. People hate change naturally and there's no way people will change for NO REAL REASON!!! I have been saying this for 8 years now.

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