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Comment: Re:With all major parties on board (Score 1) 148

by mr_snarf (#41231693) Attached to: Australian Attorney General Pushes Ahead With Gov't Web Snooping

May I assume that the Greens are not a major party yet? Or have they aligned themselves with one of them? And are they speaking up? They received no mention the article. Oh well, it's up to the people to vote the 'major parties' out if they are interested in stopping this atrocity.

No, the greens have NOT aligned themselves with either of the other big parties.

The greens have been campaigning against this sort of thing for ages. The Greens spokesperson for media stuff has the following campaigns running: In particular:

Comment: Re:Bad summary: the airline, not the government (Score 1) 624

by mr_snarf (#39121215) Attached to: Damaged US Passport Chip Strands Travelers
As an Australian, I am so glad we have a preferential voting system, not first past the post. Here we -can- vote for whoever we want, and not worry about a 'wasted' vote - no strategic voting. I wish it were somehow possible for you guys to change your voting system (not to ours necessarily, I'm sure there are better counting systems).

Comment: Re:Call your union rep (Score 1) 365

by mr_snarf (#39028779) Attached to: Ontario Teachers' Union Calls For Health-Related Classroom Wi-Fi Ban
Although I see your point, I don't think that example is very apt. Sure, when your cell phone is off, signals from the nearby tower are still passing through you, but those aren't the ones people claim to be concerned about when the discuss 'cell phone radiation'. Its the signal coming from your phone, since it is right next to your head/body that is the issue. Your phone has to pump out a strong signal to reach the tower, due to the inverse square law, while the signal from the tower is already weak(er) by the time it reaches you.

Comment: Re:A second just Justice.... Please (Score 1) 604

by mr_snarf (#39015431) Attached to: Journalist Arrested For Tweet Deported to Saudi Arabia
The airport in Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia) is very commonly used as a sort of 'hub' when travelling to/from Australia/New Zealand to/from elsewhere in the world. Its not surprising he had a stop over there. Source: I'm a West Australian and find that 'KL' is frequently used in conversation to mean that specific airport.

Comment: Accelerando (Score 4, Informative) 341

by mr_snarf (#38671168) Attached to: Music Industry Sues Irish Government For Piracy
The more I read about all this stuff going on, the more and more I think of Accelerando by Charles Stross. The description in the news of these companies makes them sound like organisms trying to compete in an artificial world, with less and less connection to reality. Soon their actions will be run by programs, and will eventually become sentient :P (Book is available free online if interested, see

Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2011 155

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the i-like-new-stuff dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "2011 is just around the corner, and with the new year comes expectations. Based on hype and recent announcements, PCMag put together a list of twelve most anticipated tech products of 2011. Some are new, like the technology to bridge Wi-Fi, PowerLine, and Ethernet or the 3D camcorders, which will let you create content for your 3D TV. Others will just carry over from what we anticipated in 2010 but never materialized like iPhone on the Verizon network or Phones with dual core processors."

Comment: Re:It's actually 84 (Score 1) 158

by mr_snarf (#33108192) Attached to: A How-To Website For Australian Voters
No, you are only meant to fill in one box above the line. If you put a mark in more than one box it won't make any difference to your vote, or it may be marked as informal. (I say may, because my sources aren't clear on what happens if you fill out more than one box). What are you talking about is what Bob Brown of the Greens party is suggesting would be a better system, but its not what we have at the moment. Sources:

Comment: Re:Disclaimer: I am an unabashed American. (Score 1) 233

by mr_snarf (#32345376) Attached to: Global "Last Mile" Performance Stats Going Public
Just to add to ACs comments in case people get confused. The caps that most ISPs have don't charge you when you go over the plan, your speed is just reduced to 64kbps or 256kbps until the next month. Exceptions are Dodo internet, which have tiny caps starting at 100MB, and then charge 16c per MB over that to a maximum of $99. Telstra also charge when you go over the limit at 15c/MB for a maximum of $300.

Comment: Re:I know this is a bad idea to ask this (Score 1) 104

by mr_snarf (#31563958) Attached to: Anti-Gamer South Australian Attorney General Quits

Then apparently even websites talking about RC games or other material will be blocked in part or whole.

Actually, RC computer games will be explicitly left out of the mandatory filtering until a review is finalised on how to classify them. (According to anyway)

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan