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Comment: Re:Quit Whining (Score 1) 197

by mr_death (#32403706) Attached to: German Publishers Want Censorship Talks With Apple

Ah, so you think you can dictate terms to those you do business with, and renege on terms that you already agreed to. And that some slick lawyer can save you from your poor judgment.

Do let us know when your ivory tower crumbles. And since you declared your intent to violate contract terms here, your violation of the contract terms may be seen as willful, and will create a bigger penalty for you.

Comment: Re:Opera Software -- good track record? (Score 1) 78

by mr_death (#32056292) Attached to: Opera Acquires
Nope. This is the same clueless management team who couldn't compete on the desktop with Microsoft (while, of course, Firefox does, and commands ~30% market share), and whined to the EU to give them an undeserved placement on the desktop. Given their poor performance, I predict they'll screw up fastmail.

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