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by drinkypoo (#47574349) Attached to: Chinese Government Probes Microsoft For Breaches of Monopoly Law

So, non-free dependencies? Not on my watch!

The specifications for the required ammunition are well-known. The stuff is harder to make than the firearm, however. For that to differ you'll have to use something substantially higher- or lower-tech, e.g. caseless or black powder. And caseless ammo is only easier to produce if you disregard the difficulty of producing a practical propellant.

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what the DOJ failed to do.

Well not quite. The DOJ proposed splitting microsoft in half. Chinas solution to corruption tends to involve ventilating the CEOs brain with lead, 15 minutes after the judge declares "Fuck this guy!".

The only one who seemed to be advocating caping bill G here was probably ESR, because ESR is kind of a mentalist (RMS doesnt do guns)

The Chinese officials, like the US officials, are more interested in kickbacks. All this "anti-monopoly" stuff is meme pap for consumption by voters.

It's the way things have gone through history. Just the wrappers change, to obfuscate it and feign justification. Microsoft learned, and now donates vast sums in US elections.

System working as the politicians. We get in the way so we can get paid to get back out of the way. This rule of thumb has never failed.

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Slave labor? 'Fraid not.

The Chinese government itself literally operates labor camps where criminals are forced to produce consumer goods.

Your argument would be more credible

You clearly do not decide who is credible when you say that slave labor is not slave labor.

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RMS doesn't do guns because only one or two are open-source, and he's seen the code and knows they're shitty.

The 1911 is Open Source today, you can literally download blueprints for every part of the weapon. It's one of the best-loved and best-performing firearms of all time. It does require the use of appropriate ammunition, but the openness of the design has permitted developers to adapt it to several different types.

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The Xposed framework

Xposed requires root. Why do so many more GNU/Linux devices than Android devices come with root? And how do I get a headphone jack fixed after I have voided the warranty by having installed a rooted ROM?

Using software in wine is not really looking beyond Microsoft.

By that standard, using software in GNU/Linux is not really looking beyond Novell because just as Wine is a free reimplementation of Windows API, GNU/Linux is a free reimplementation of UNIX.

Research, buy, take responsibility.

How should I "research" thoroughly if the product isn't even available for inspection in my geographic area?

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in the long term, the book stores go out of business now its harder to find interesting books.


Look at Baen's model... the first few chapters of all of their books are available for free, all on-line, all trivially easy for you to browse and sample, at no risk, wherever and whenever it's convenient to you. For that matter, they offer full novels from their top authors for free. So you can read the first book of a 15-novel series at no cost, hooking you for the other 14.

How can book stores, with their limited shelf space and immobility, compete with that?

Of course, that's Baen, not Amazon. Because Baen is a publisher, they have the freedom to do things like offer the first ~50 pages free, while Amazon has to obey the publishers' rules. But in a world where browsing bookshelves is gone, Baen's approach, or something like it, will be necessary to generate sales, so it will be done.

Just because you're accustomed to one way of finding good reading material doesn't mean it's the only one, or even the best one.

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I'd assume that all galaxy groups are Gravitationally bound, and when looking at the group you're in, the galaxies would appear to be closing, while the other groups would appear to be opening; this is an effect of Hubble's law, everything is moving away from any observer at 67.80±0.77 (km/s)/ Mpc, thus the farther away, the faster it is going away no matter where you are . Even at that, I've seen several Hubble images showing galaxies colliding just like we're about to do with Andromeda.

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nobody uses physical media anymore

"Nobody" is a strong word. People who pay $10 per GB for home Internet (sat, cell, or Iowa DSL) still use physical media.

there's zero reason not to stick the PC somewhere else and run an extra CAT-6 drop

Unless you're renting and the landlord won't let you modify the walls.

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