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IDEs With VIM Text Editing Capability? 193

Posted by timothy
from the one-keybinding-to-rule-them-all dept.
An anonymous reader writes "I am currently looking to move from text editing with vim to a full fledged IDE with gdb integration, integrated command line, etc. Extending VIM with these capabilities is a mortal sin, so I am looking for a linux based GUI IDE. I do not want to give up the efficient text editing capabilities of VIM though. How do I have my cake and eat it too?"

Herschel Spectroscopy of Future Supernova 21

Posted by Soulskill
from the that's-a-big-star dept.
davecl writes "ESA's Herschel Space Telescope has released its first spectroscopic results. These include observations of VYCMa, a star 50 times as massive as the sun and soon to become a supernova, as well as a nearby galaxy, more distant colliding starburst galaxies and a comet in our own solar system. The spectra show more lines than have ever been seen in these objects in the far-infrared and will allow astronomers to work out the detailed chemistry and physics behind star and planet formation as well as the last stages of stellar evolution before VYCMa's eventual collapse into a supernova. More coverage is available at the Herschel Mission Blog, which I run."

Guitar Hero: Metallica Setlist Released 82

Posted by Soulskill
from the exit-light-enter-night dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Metallica has announced the setlist for their upcoming Guitar Hero game. They have a wide variety of songs from their different albums. There are 28 Metallica songs and 21 from other artists. They have also confirmed the release date of March 29th. The list includes Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, One, and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Fans who pre-order the game will have an opportunity to get an extra bass drum pedal to keep up with Lars Ulrich's beats."

The MST3K Crew Reunites For Live Webcast 60

Posted by timothy
from the no-one-has-detonated-a-nuclear-bomb-tonight dept.
csn writes "On Wednesday, January 28th at 6:00 PM PST and 9:00 PM EST, the stars of the cult television hit 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' will reunite to do what they do best — heckle bad movies. Join Mike Nelson, Kevin 'Tom Servo' Murphy and Bill 'Crow T. Robot' Corbett as they make fun of the 1950 short film, 'Overcoming Fear,' live over the internet.

Comment: Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

by mr micawber (#26469519) Attached to: Woman Claims Ubuntu Kept Her From Online Classes
Since Verizon are assholes like many other corporate giants who pass out useless CD's like candy, perhaps there could be a little more noob friendly way to get on the Internet. One that might take the form of a troubleshooting wizard in Ubuntu to point out that the user might just need to set a couple things in the router for it all to work. I think an animated penguin saying "It looks like you're trying to access the internet" would be a little much <grin>, but something that could help a noob along.

Comment: Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

by mr micawber (#26469353) Attached to: Woman Claims Ubuntu Kept Her From Online Classes
Airheads should be able to get online, seriously. I place the blame squarely on Verizon and Dell. Verizon for encouraging people that they need their stupid fucking CD and Dell for brushing her off. We Slashdotters know that Linux is powerful enough for Wizards. It is very close to being easy enough for Airheads. It can be both.

Comment: Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

by mr micawber (#26469193) Attached to: Woman Claims Ubuntu Kept Her From Online Classes
It's that fucking CD they pass out. ATT gave me one years ago, I was one of the first adopters of DSL in my area. If I had just set my router, which I eventually figured out, I would have been fine. But customer support at ATT kept insisting that they didn't support Linux. I actually had to go to the library to figure out how to get it working. I was new to Linux, and the distros back then (7-8 yrs ago) were much less polished. Even though I consider myself pretty smart, it took quite a while and a lot of work to get online.
It's funny.  Laugh.

If Programming Languages Were Religions 844

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the worship-his-noodliness dept.
bshell writes "With Christmas around the corner I know we are all thinking about religion, or at least maybe wondering why this one religion dominates the rest for these few weeks. A fellow named Rodrigo Braz Monteiro (amz) posted this list comparing each programming language to a religion. Guaranteed to make you chuckle and generate a good long thread here on slashdot. Great way to pass the time as work winds down this week and we relate to our own programming faiths during this very special time of year. Merry PHPmas." Fortunately Pastafarianism is referenced.

Comment: Puff Piece (Score 1) 734

by mr micawber (#22856656) Attached to: Someday You'll Hate Apple (And Google Too)
"Sad but true"?. This was a lazily executed piece of wishy washy emotionalism. Let these companies show their real faces over time, and we then we can judge. MS has such a large catalog of infamy that it would take any Google or Apple out there decades to catch up. Gates and Ballmer aren't going to slow down one bit.
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FBI to Put Criminals Up in Lights 315

Posted by samzenpus
from the billboard-busted dept.
coondoggie writes "The FBI today said it wants to install 150 digital billboards in 20 major U.S. cities in the next few weeks to show fugitive mug shots, missing people and high-priority security messages from the big bureau. The billboards will let the FBI highlight those people it is looking for the most: violent criminals, kidnap victims, missing kids, bank robbers, even terrorists, the FBI said in a release. And the billboards will be able to be updated largely in real-time — right after a crime is committed, a child is taken, or an attack is launched. Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami will be among those cities provided with the new billboards."

Project Gutenberg Volunteers Partial IMSLP Hosting 100

Posted by kdawson
from the stepping-forward dept.
bbc writes "Project Gutenberg has volunteered to host all it legally can of the IMSLP's catalog. The Canadian provider of free public domain music recently caved to legal threats from an Austrian sheet music seller. On the Book People mailing list, Project Gutenberg's founder Michael Hart wrote: 'Project Gutenberg has volunteered to keep as much of the IMSL Project online as is legally possible, including a few of the items that were demanded to be withdrawn, as well as, when legal, to provide a backup of the entire site, for when the legalities have finally been worked out.'"

New X-Files Movie 228

Posted by kdawson
from the i-want-to-believe-it dept.
An anonymous reader writes to let us know that a new X-Files movie is in pre-production, directed and written by Chris Carter and starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Duchovny said in an interview that his understanding is that filming will start in November for a summer 2008 release. The article notes that in an earlier interview, Anderson said the film "would stay away from the series' (and first film's) sometimes tortured mythology" (quoting the article, not Anderson).

+ - Does Comcast hate Firefox?->

Submitted by
destinyland writes "Comcast is the largest ISP in America. And they're requiring Internet Explorer for installations — even if you're using a Mac. The Comcast homepage even species that the page is optimized for IE 5.5 (which was released in 2000), and "is not optimized for Firefox browsers and Macs." With 13 million subscribers, you'd think they could spring for a web developer who could handle multiple browsers. (From the last line of the article: "I'm afraid to ask how Comcast handles Linux...""
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