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+ - Microsoft serves up malware via Messenger Ads

Submitted by aussienemesis
aussienemesis (1065734) writes "WARNING: Winfixer and Errorsafe were being distributed via MSN Messenger banner advertisements

Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft MVP, reports that ErrorSafe and Winfixer were being pimped via the Flash banner ads that are part of the Windows Live Messenger contact pane. 02/18/591493.aspx"

+ - Google kills blog, but only after a death threat

Submitted by thefickler
thefickler (1030556) writes "Google has finally shut down a blog that posted a death threat against a New Zealand politician. Cyfswatch, a blog dedicated to attacking the New Zealand Government's Child Youth and Family Service (CYFS), was hosted by Google's free blogging service, Blogger. Green MP, Sue Bradford, who is advocating an "anti-smacking" bill, was much hated by Cyfswatch and its readers.

"Bradford is a worthy candidate for NZ's first political assassination — I only wish I had the resources to do it," wrote one particularly angry anonymous contributor to the site. This threat led to the blog being shut down."

Comment: Re:Missing? (Score 2, Informative) 674

by mpontes (#16080538) Attached to: Controversy Erupts Over Craigslist Prank
No, ED was proposed for deletion several times. Here's the right one.

Long short story, ED has a few articles making fun of Wikipedia. One of them was about MONGO, so he decided to use one of his puppets and list the ED article on Wikipedia for deletion. Since lots of wikipedians can't stand satire when they're the target of it, many voted delete. Now, if you're familiar with Wikipedia and look at the AfD, it's obvious that it should have been closed as "No consensus" instead of "Delete", but the admin decided to ignore the votes and get away with his bias. So much for democracy, huh?

It's sad, but not even Wikipedia is free from censorship. If the majority of the Wikipedians don't like or agree with something, it WILL get deleted. All it takes is putting up an AfD and writing "Delete per WP:CNEIAMUP" (Wikipedia: Completely Non-Existant, Irrelevant And Made Up Policy). Being a wikibot is all about linking to WP: policies, make up interpretations for them and pretend they apply to the current article. And of course, you also need double-standards for all those "Shitty Webcomic with 10 hits per day", because webcomics rock!

It's denying information to people "just because". They're not even saving space by deleting the article, the history is still saved. That AfD was just a childish "Ha-ha, we don't like you so we're going to deny information to anyone that happens to be interested in Encyclopedia Dramatica!". Jimbo Wales said, "Imagine a world in which every single person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing.". He should have added "As long as we like that subject."

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