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+ - Vista SP1 coming... someday

Submitted by mpitcavage
mpitcavage (655718) writes "This article appears on Computerworld today about the availablity of Vista SP1. The article says that the beta of the service pack may be released some time this year. The article also quotes Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell:

"It's early days yet, and we're broadly happy with how we're seeing Vista adoption, but we always expected that the business uptake would be driven by their needs rather than the availability of Vista [SP1]"
By their needs? Why would he want Vista to fail?"

+ - OpenMoko Faces Challenges

Submitted by mpitcavage
mpitcavage (655718) writes "Looks like OpenMoko will include bluetooth, but challenges are straining the timeline. here's the highlights of the announcment:

Originally, bluetooth was in our product spec, however, this was left out. But after all the incredible demand, post-November, we felt it had to be done....We had a string of bad luck...One thousand little Murphy's seems to be what we have running around teasing this project...Do we delay again, wait for the hardware and software to be ready, or do we just open up now..."
...btw they open up now."
Portables (Apple)

+ - Video iPod patent revealed

Submitted by mpitcavage
mpitcavage (655718) writes " has posted this article detailing "a particularly revealing patent application from Apple that was published on October 26, 2006." The device changes the trademark clickwheel to a series of "areas" on the bezel. This supposedly solves the problem of fingerprints and smudges on the full screen by forcing two-handed operation.

Please Steve, just put the clickwheel on the back!"

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