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Comment Re:So much for pirate ethics (Score 1) 613 613

If Best Buy is more efficient in their stock distribution, why shouldn't they be allowed to sell that stock first? Seems like they're running their business better and should be able to reap the benefits. After all, does the publisher really care what retail outlet is selling their wares, as long as they're being sold?

Comment Re:Like the phonograph.... The what? (Score 1) 743 743

"Lobster used to be used as fertilizer because it was deemed 'trash food' and apprentice contracts were written that forbid having to eat it more than a few times a week."

I'm guessing you recently watched the Maine episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Comment Re:Notification for everything (Score 1) 403 403

You're probably right. He was about to retire, so I bet instead of teaching us how to handle the mismatched speeds, merging, etc., he took the easy way out and said "just stay to the left." It was probably a little less stress on his ticker to do that too. I know riding around with green drivers make me nearly go into cardiac arrest. I can't imagine doing it all day.

Comment Re:Notification for everything (Score 1) 403 403

In cities, I can handle it - things are messed up enough as is - but when you're on the highway, GET OVER, DOUCHEBAGS. I imagine it comes from crappy drivers' ed teachers; mine told me to always drive in the left lane so you "have more opportunities to avoid an accident." I'm not sure how that would work...
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Journal SPAM: Hugging

Hugging is common way of greetings in Western culture. But this way is not common in Japan. If we try to hug a woman before we leave, she will reject strongly. If we do this between men, others will consider we are gay.

I think it's because the land of our country is so narrow so we've learned to keep some distance from each other in natural way from ancient times.

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