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Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 2) 519

Maybe if you had bottled water, you'd drink it instead of coke and other nasty things.
Despite popular belief, tap water, even with a Britta, is nothing like bottled water which is actually nice to drink.






In many cases, bottled water is coming from a municipal water source. It's treated and filtered the same way all municipal water is. About the only thing that happens is that the companies sometimes re-introduce minerals to enhance the flavor.

Comment Never going to be a meeting of the minds here. (Score 1) 109


The only kinds of ads most people would look at as "acceptable" are the very types of ads most advertisers and indeed, most people looking to profit from ad revenue, would rather not serve. Why? Because there's a low return proposition on them, and they can't really mine for data (which is even more valuable than actual click-throughs) with them.

Most people, given a choice, don't WANT pop ups, pop unders, video ads, flash ads, tracking, etc. But ad networks and content providers have such a hard-on for The Quick Easy Buck, that they don't want to serve anything else.

So, what we get are ad delivery systems that, over time, grow more and more intrusive.
And, on the other end of the arms race, we have ad blockers that grow ever more elaborate.

Now, were that the extent of it, the end users would win, eventually. As a maximal number of people would eventually migrate to ad-blocking.

But now we're seeing this sort of tracking and ad crap BUILT RIGHT INTO THE OS AND APPS from the get-go. Sure "most" of it, you can opt out of (or just forego the use of). But the actions required for circumventing these hard-coded methods become ever more esoteric and obtuse. Shutting more and more people out, while stealing more screen real-estate, more time, more bandwidth, and more peace of mind from people.

The ad-driven, metrics/telemetry-driven consumer spying industry is a blight upon the Internet and needs to die. Unfortunately, it's like a hydra on steroids.

Comment Focusing on the extroverts (Score 1) 307

It was like this in school for me.
Basically it lets all the psychotic little imbeciles feel like they're participating.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting there, mile ahead, trying not to be bored into narcolepsy.

Meanwhile, the idiot teachers are telling my parents "Oh! He's so intelligent! But he doesn't apply himself!"

Fucking public schooling was a nightmare for me.

And when I finally DID overcome my antipathy towards school and go to college, I found it wasn't any different.

Comment Re:Excellent news (Score 1) 62

This is the same Raytheon that managed to spam-block their own SMTP traffic (I worked with them on a project about 10 years ago), and was generally so rotten at the job that the DoD kicked them clean off of the EMALL project.

Things may have changed in the ensuing 10 years, but I wouldn't be so quick to use "competent" in any sentence that refers to Raytheon...

Comment Re:Reno?? A little hot, no? (Score 1) 62

You're probably thinking Vegas.

Reno's much further north and closer to the mountains.

Average temperatures are far lower.

Still, as was pointed out, solar power in this area's still a good deal since they see about 40% sunshine throughout the year. There are months when this will be less, but those are also much cooler months of the year, when they can shunt outside air in.

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

On the other hand being expected to pay for the privilage of posting free apps is deeply offputting.

Depends... to put it into perspective from a hobbyist point-of-view? Let's play golf. No matter how you slice it** , you're going to lay out more than $100/year if you want to play this game. Funny thing, though - you don't hear too many people bitching about that...

** bah-dump-tssssh!

Comment Re:Just VW? I'm sure at LEAST one other dose this (Score 1) 569

FYI, Kia got burned for doing that a couple of years back, especially on their 2012 Soul models.

They tried to play it off as "human error", but that 2-6 mpg 'error' cost Kia $300 million in fines (and in not-insubstantial checks written to a lot of Soul owners, my wife being the recipient of one of them).

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