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Comment: Re:Desktop is dying we need a good Workstation OS (Score -1) 291

by mozumder (#48172169) Attached to: OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review

I have never wanted a touch-screen hybrid Mac.


Apple sells very specific appliances that are best absolute at what they do. They don't need to sell a toaster-refrigerator. You're better off buying a toaster and a refrigerator separately.

Apple could have made one of those horrible hybrid devices in the last 7 years since they introduced the iPhone. The fact that they had absolutely no desire to do so should tell you everything you need to know about what they think of those types of devices.

The failure of Windows 8 is vindication of that strategy. Apple won.

Comment: What exactly has Elon Musk innovated? (Score -1) 181

by mozumder (#48124231) Attached to: The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura

Jobs created the modern personal computer and the modern smartphone. Both of these changed the world.

(and, no, no one else created the modern personal computer.. before Apple, computers were nerdy industrial appliances, ESPECIALLY the Xerox machines. And please don't make the nerd mistake of conflating nerd culture with society in general)

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has yet to create something innovate.

Electric cars? lol, they were around 100+ years ago.

Space-X? You mean like all the rocket companies before his, and in particular, the government funded rocket companies like his?

Solar city? Has that made any useful impact?

Really kids, Elon Musk is a common industrialist. Everything he does is completely expected and completely boring. There is absolutely nothing surprising or risky in what Musk does. It's very straightforward, boring, and clearly obvious nerd-bait - Rockets! electric cars! Solar panels! what common nerd wouldn't go apeshit for that? Nothing he does is actually surprising. He works hard and invests in safe businesses, but guys like Jobs actually changed the world.

Rockets, electric cars, and solar panels are some of the most boring ideas you can think of today. They were done dozens of years ago. Today, they're just sheer boredom, only appealing to geeks with no sense of art or creativitiy. How much of a fucking nerd do you have to be to consider rocketry or electric cars to be interesting still?

How about coming up with something fucking new and interesting instead?

So, you can never compare anything Musk does with something like the iPhone, a complete game changer for society. Just look at its introductory keynote, and you'll see about 100 different ideas that the audience were completely surprised at, like momentum scroll and pinch-to-zoom. Do you even remember smartphones before that? they were garbage.

I'm mostly amused by the fact all you narcissistic libertarian nerds just hate the fact that a guy like him outwitted you at innovation. You dorks totally thought boring crap like electric cars and rockets matter, when the things that ACTUALLY matter are 'overlapping windows', 'pinch-to-zoom', and 'momentum scroll'.

It's as if you had NO idea what innovation actually means.

Hint: innovation isn't something you expect or predict.

Did you predict electric cars? If you did, that means it's not innovative.

Comment: Re:Informed consent? (Score -1) 141

That's only for published scientific research in certain peer-reviewed psychological journals - not even all journals.

And you don't need informed consent for marketing purposes at all. I can decide to experiment on anyone if I wish for my own amusement - I'll just walk around with a big red poster board and write down if it causes weird stares. That's for my own personal amusement.

But the real issue is people do not have the right to their own user experience in someone else's products.

You use Facebook? Great.. Facebook gets to control your experience with them, not you. That could mean they could change their website's colors from a calming blue to an angrier red. It's their product.

Comment: It costs power (Score 0) 264

by mozumder (#47953575) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5

Which is why less chips the better. No need to add a couple more chips in the stack always drawing some current if you don't need it.

And for phones, power reduction is the most important goal.

Additionally, who uses more than a few apps anyways? Most people just stick with their core group of apps they regularly use.

And, it's only 64 GB - 64 GB isn't 100 TB. 100TB would be a completely different use model from 16GB or 64 GB.

For example, movies are always streamed now - you don't store your Netflix movies locally. So you don't need a huge data library.

Comment: Nice Try Mr. Google Employee (Score -1, Troll) 222

by mozumder (#47890361) Attached to: iPhone 6 Sales Crush Means Late-Night Waits For Some Early Adopters

lol @ the idea of anyone buying a Nexus.

Sorry Mr. Google Employee, Android phones have a terrible, clunky user interface, and do nothing that iPhones can't do, with the bonus that they also have a better curation of apps in the app store.

The worst part about the Google system is that anyone can write an app for them, and it doesn't go through a professional editing process.

Google doesn't know that people pay big money so editors can filter out the junk for them. Nobody wants to enable a democratic system of app developers, since most developers are untalented and should not be in the business, regardless of what they think of themselves. We pay editors to tell them that these developers suck and should not be doing what they want to do. Maybe they should get into real-estate or something else instead.

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