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Journal Journal: Ruiz of AMD comments on the company's plans

AMD's chairman and CEO, Hector Ruiz , commented on the company's plans during his visit to Moscow Monday. Ruiz is expecting a percent microprocessor unit shipments growth year-over-year due to the increase in the die size as the result of introduction of dual-core and quad-core processors which means less microprocessors output from a single wafer. Ruiz also suggested forgetting the nanometer discussion. 'Although nanometers look importan
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Submission + - Bogus Experts Fight Your Right to Broadband

An anonymous reader writes: Karl Bode of Broadband Reports takes aim at supposed telecom experts and think tankers who profess to love the "free market", but want to ban the country's un-wired towns and cities from offering broadband to their residents. If you didn't know, incumbent providers frequently determine towns and cities unprofitable to serve (fine), but then turn around and lobby for laws that make it illegal to serve themselves (not so fine). They then pay experts to profess their love for a free market and deregulation: unless that regulation helps their bottom line. A simple point: "Strange how such rabid fans of a free-market wouldn't be interested in allowing market darwinism to play out."

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