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+ - Linux on a Motorola 68000 solderless breadboard

Submitted by lars_stefan_axelsson
lars_stefan_axelsson (236283) writes "When I was an undergrad in the eighties, "building" a computer meant that you got a bunch of chips and a soldering iron and went to work. The art is still alive today, but instead of a running BASIC interpreter as the ultimate proof of success, today the crowning achievement is getting Linux to run:

"What does it take to build a little 68000-based protoboard computer, and get it running Linux? In my case, about three weeks of spare time, plenty of coffee, and a strong dose of stubborness. After banging my head against the wall with problems ranging from the inductance of pushbutton switches to memory leaks in the C standard library, it finally works! "


+ - Dell offers Ubuntu and RHEL OS options on Precision laptops->

Submitted by yahyamf
yahyamf (751776) writes "Dell is offering pre-installed Linux OS choices on their Precision M4800 laptops. The options available are Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and RHEL 6.4. For the Ubuntu option, the price drops by $100 compared to Windows. This is a high end machine with QHD+ display (3200x1800, 16:9) display, up to 64GB RAM, and optional optical bay hard drive. Here's your chance to show support using your wallet!"
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+ - Jolla's tablet will be able to run Linux and Android apps->

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Jolla's tablet campaign on Indiego has crossed the desired $380,00 goal and hit the half million mark with $731,764 raised. While there are Firefox OS and Android, Sailfish like Ubuntu Touch, is the only Linux based OS which can install and run traditional Linux applications. So Jolla is really going to be exciting tablet for Linux users."
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+ - Jolla Crowdfunds its First Tablet

Submitted by SmartAboutThings
SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes "Jolla is another rising star in the tech world, having recently expanded its smartphone sales into more countries across the world, with India included. Jolla’s Sailfish OS is considered by many as a direct successor to Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo and the N9 mobile phone, but only its software is based on the open-sourced components of MeeGo. And now it seems that the company is ready to start the production of their very first tablet .

The Jolla Tablet features a 7.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1563. The device is powered by a 1.8GHz 64-bit quad-core Intel processor, comes with a 32GB of storage, has 2GB of RAM and a 5MP rear camera. Judging by its size, we can see that this is another take on the iPad Mini and even on the ‘sister’ company Nokia. While there aren’t too many Sailfish-specific apps available, just like the phone, Jolla’s tablet will be compatible with Android apps."

+ - Debian Votes not to Mandate Non-systemd Compatibility

Submitted by paskie
paskie (539112) writes "Voting on a Debian General Resolution that would require packagers to maintain support even for systems not running systemd ended tonight with the resolution failing to gather enough support.

This means that some Debian packages could require users to run systemd on their systems in theory — however, in practice Debian still works fine without systemd (even with e.g. GNOME) and this will certainly stay the case at least for the next stable release Jessie.

However, the controversial GR proposed late in the development cycle opened many wounds in the community, prompting some prominent developers to resign or leave altogether, stirring strong emotions — not due to adoption of systemd per se, but because of the emotional burn-out and shortcomings in the decision processes apparent in the wake of the systemd controversy.

Nevertheless, work on the next stable release is well underway and some developers are already trying to mend the community and soothe the wounds."

+ - Jolla Is Crowdfunding An iPad Alternative Focused On Multitasking->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Today fellow Finnish company, and mobile startup Jolla, has revealed the next step in its hardware journey: Jolla is also making a tablet, albeit The Jolla Tablet will be crowdfunded. So this is mostly a pitch for pre-orders right now, with the price-tag starting at $189 for the first 2,000 pledgers, and stepping up thereafter to $199 for another thousand backers."
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+ - Linux, Java, Python Top List of Skills Employers Want for Cloud Build-Outs->

Submitted by Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "'Cloud' is in the running for the most-hyped term of the decade. Hype aside, tech firms' desire to build Web-based platforms has created a burgeoning need for IT pros skilled in everything from Linux to security and Hadoop. A recent analysis of searches by hiring managers in the Dice resume database found that employers want pros adept in Linux, Java/J2EE, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Python, virtualization, and other skills. Many entries on this list hint at cloud-builders’ preferences for platforms and tools. Puppet, for example, is an open-source IT automation tool, created by Puppet Labs, that’s used by a growing number of universities and companies to manage system configurations. OpenStack is an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform similarly relied upon by a number of firms. And efficient data storage and analysis wouldn’t be possible without Hadoop or all the tools that fall under the umbrella of 'Big Data.' Architects, engineers, developers, administrators, and analysts were the top positions sought by hiring managers in the context of 'cloud.' That’s unsurprising, in light of all the companies (big and small) devoting enormous resources to building out, managing, and tweaking their respective platforms. In tech-centric cities such as Seattle, the need for professionals skilled in cloud fundamentals has contributed to increased hiring."
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+ - Apple's Luxembourg tax deals

Submitted by Presto Vivace
Presto Vivace (882157) writes "Apple’s iTunes earnings mostly untaxed

More than two-thirds of the money Apple’s iTunes makes outside North America goes through the group’s Luxembourg holding company where it is not taxable, thanks to an intra-group fees agreement signed in 2008, tax documents obtained by The Australian Financial Review show.

While Apple pays less than 1 per cent tax in Ireland on sales of its iPhones, iPads and computers, most of its revenues from the sale of music and films outside the US flow to a Luxembourg company, iTunes Sàrl.


+ - Perl 6 for 2015->

Submitted by eneville
eneville (745111) writes "The last pieces are finally falling into place. After years of design and implementation, 2015 will be the year that Perl 6 officially launches for production use.

In this talk, the creator of Perl reflects on the history of the effort, how the team got some things right, and how it learned from its mistakes when it got them wrong. But mostly how a bunch of stubbornly fun-loving people outlasted the naysayers to accomplish the extraordinary task of implementing a language that was so ambitious, even its designers said it was impossible. Prepare to be delightfully surprised."

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+ - Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Over the past couple of years, Google has implemented some changes to how Android handles SD cards that aren't very beneficial to users or developers. After listening to many rounds of complaints, this seems to have changed in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google's Jeff Sharkey wrote, "[I]n Lollipop we added the new ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent. Apps can launch this intent to pick and return a directory from any supported DocumentProvider, including any of the shared storage supported by the device. Apps can then create, update, and delete files and directories anywhere under the picked tree without any additional user interaction. Just like the other document intents, apps can persist this access across reboots." Android Police adds, "All put together, this should be enough to alleviate most of the stress related to SD cards after the release of KitKat. Power users will no longer have to deal with crippled file managers, media apps will have convenient access to everything they should regardless of storage location, and developers won't have to rely on messy hacks to work around the restrictions.""
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