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+ - Schneier: We Need To Relearn How To Accept Risk-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Bruce Schneier has written an article about how our society is becoming increasingly averse to risk as we invent technological solutions to it. 'Risk tolerance is both cultural and dependent on the environment around us. As we have advanced technologically as a society, we have reduced many of the risks that have been with us for millennia. Fatal childhood diseases are things of the past, many adult diseases are curable, accidents are rarer and more survivable, buildings collapse less often, death by violence has declined considerably, and so on. All over the world — among the wealthier of us who live in peaceful Western countries — our lives have become safer.' This has led us to overestimate both the level of risk from unlikely events and also our ability to curtail it. Thus, trillions of dollars are spent and vital liberties are lost in misguided efforts to make us safer. 'We need to relearn how to recognize the trade-offs that come from risk management, especially risk from our fellow human beings. We need to relearn how to accept risk, and even embrace it, as essential to human progress and our free society. The more we expect technology to protect us from people in the same way it protects us from nature, the more we will sacrifice the very values of our society in futile attempts to achieve this security.'"
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+ - Dotless domain names prohibited, ICANN tells Google

Submitted by gwstuff
gwstuff (2067112) writes "Last year, Google had filed applications for about 100 top level domains. These included .app, .cloud and .lol, but perhaps most prominently .search, which they had requested to operate as a "dotless" domain. Today, ICANN gave their verdict on the idea that would make this URL valid : NO. Here is the formal announcement from earlier today, and a related Slashdot story from last year.

So that's that. But it may still be granted the rights for remaining 100. Is prime .COM real estate going to become a thing of the past?"

+ - Apple now relaying all FaceTime calls due to lost patent dispute->

Submitted by Em Adespoton
Em Adespoton (792954) writes "Before the VirnetX case, nearly all FaceTime calls were done through a system of direct communication. Essentially, Apple would verify that both parties had valid FaceTime accounts and then allow their two devices to speak directly to each other over the Internet, without any intermediary or "relay" servers. However, a small number of calls—5 to 10 percent, according to an Apple engineer who testified at trial—were routed through "relay servers."

At the August 15 hearing, a VirnetX lawyer stated that Apple had logged "over half a million calls" complaining about the quality of FaceTime [since disabling direct connections]."

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+ - Extra life: The amazing fan-made game revivals->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Sometimes games don't get the sequels that they deserve — unless their fans have a say. In a new article published today, the author takes a look at some of the best homebrew sequels and open source clones, from the blockbuster Half Life reimagining Black Mesa to OpenTTD, the fan-made version of Transport Tycoon. StepMania might just be the most remarkable of them all: originally built as means to open Dance Dance Revolution files, it's evolved into a rhythm game engine in its own right, powering iPhone games and arcade cabinets alike. The creator, meanwhile, has landed a job as a software engineer at Pinterest. Not bad for an open source clone."
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+ - German Court Affirms GPL: Source Must Match Executable

Submitted by Alsee
Alsee (515537) writes "Fantec was found to be distributing Linux based media players with an incorrect (older) version of source code. Fantec blamed their Chinese supplier for the problem, but a German Court ruled Fantec was responsible for ensuring their own compliance with the GPL. "According to the court, the company should have checked the completeness of the sources themselves or with the help of experts, even if that would have incurred additional costs." I propose a better solution. If your company is subcontracting software development simply use the supplied source to compile your executable."

Comment: Re:Worthy successor? (Score 1) 246

by mossy the mole (#39369733) Attached to: <em>Diablo 3</em> To Be Released On May 15th

On the one hand you say bots ruin the game, and on the other you complain about Blizzard shutting down WoW Glider. Well, which is it? Should they support botting or not?

IMO My problem with the WOW Glider was blizzard interfering with another company's program simply because it interfaced with WOW sets a bad precedent and (to me) is an intrusion on the freedom of the user. Not that I like bots but they should catch then by there in game actions.

Comment: Controls (Score 1) 309

by mossy the mole (#39357727) Attached to: The Consoles Are Dying, Says Developer
With all this talk about graphics performance, I'd say the best weapon consoles have at the moment is physical gaming controls Touch Screens are wonderful for many things but unless the ipad 3 generation are a massive improvement, then any game that plays best with d-pad and buttons will still lack something on tablet/phone.

Comment: Re:3D movies (Score 1) 404

by mossy the mole (#39002437) Attached to: When it comes to 3D TV:

I don't second that. My 3D tv is recent and does make the screen darker. I guess it depends upon the hardware/software, and they can probably display the movie in 3D brighter, so that it appears ok through the glasses.

Pretty sure the OP was talking about the cinema not the home. And I have to agree with him 3D movies are less bright (probably the glasses really) Hopefully (well, if 3D movies last) they'll upgrade to brighter projection equipment.

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