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Comment: Re:Warranty (Score 1) 244

by mossr (#37094772) Attached to: Sandy Bridge-E CPUs Too Hot For Intel?

"they're trying to stay at a price point to not compete with themselves" ... I see what you're saying, I guess my confusion stems from the fact that people who've decided to spend that much are still going to buy Intel, regardless of the specific chip/model. And enough people will buy Intel's more expensive offerings that I'm still not sure I see what the negative impact on Intel could be, as they'll be moving about as much stock at each price point (right?). Is the market really that cut-throat that Intel would feel a squeeze from this move?

Comment: Re:Warranty (Score 2) 244

by mossr (#37094128) Attached to: Sandy Bridge-E CPUs Too Hot For Intel?

Not meaning to be ignorant here, but what performance price-point do they occupy? It's my understanding that AMD offers better bang-for-buck at the budget end of the scale, and Intel trumps their mid-to-high range offerings. So how would this affect customers who've chosen to buy Intel, since they're already committing themselves to the mid-range or higher?

Comment: Expensive software? (Score 0, Troll) 172

by mossr (#28424187) Attached to: US Military Blocks Data On Incoming Meteors

void process_information(s_information* info) {
    if (info) {
        if (info.is_classified)

Can I have my millions now for "the expensive software needed to handle classified and declassified data simultaneously"?


Plethora of New User Space Filesystems For Mac OS X 225

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the because-you-can dept.
DaringDan writes "As part of the recent MacFUSE 2.0 release Amit Singh has added support for an insane number of filesystems on the Mac. This video from Google and this blog post pretty much explain everything in detail but to sum-up Singh has written a new filesystem called AncientFS which lets you mount a ton of UNIX file formats starting from the very first version of UNIX. Even more interesting is that they have also taken Linux kernel implementations of filesystems like ufs, sysv-fs, minix-fs and made them work in user-space on the Mac, which means its now possible to read disks from OSes like FreeBSD, Solaris and NeXT on OS X. ext2/ext3 don't seem to be on the list but apparently the source for everything is provided, so hopefully some enterprising soul can apply the same techniques to ext2. One of their demos even has the old UNIX kernel compiled directly on the Mac through the original PDP C compiler by somehow executing the PDP binaries on OS X!"

Comment: Re:Been there (Melb), done that (relocated) (Score 1) 450

by mossr (#23617181) Attached to: Moving Between Countries?
I second the comments regarding Melbourne's inner north -- I'm currently living in North Melbourne, which is pretty similar to Carlton, and it's mostly a really nice area to live in. Funnily enough, I lived in Croydon before I moved. Apart from the distance to the city proper, Croydon is my idea of a great place to live. I'll take the travel time into the city, in return for the large properties and leafy streets (although developers are doing their best to turn everything into housing estates).

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