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Comment: Re:It's our own damn fault (Score 1) 534

by mosinu (#37141096) Attached to: What If Aliens Came To Save the Galaxy From Mankind?
I would agree to cutting farm subsidies, but that won't do much for foreign farmers really seeing as most foreign aid is in the form of military aid and the rest is economic aid. Most of the countries we give foreign aid to do not even need it, as they are developed countries. Agricultural subsidy is lot more complex than creating "artificially cheap" food.

Comment: Re:Economy: a no brainer (Score 1) 2369

by mosinu (#25556355) Attached to: Discuss the US Presidential Election & the Economy
So you actually think paying extra taxes is good? How about this approach...shrink the government so we can lower taxes. WOW what an idea. You are also wrong in your thinking that lower income tax means higher property tax. That is only because you allow the government to just keep spending so they can tax you more. Look at NH for example, the lowest taxes in the country (no general income tax, no general sales tax, 5.80 property tax). They do it by having a lean government the way it was meant to be. You can blame whatever president you want to blame for the economy but the fact is you have no one to blame but yourself. People are so lazy now they won't get up and demand the government serve them. It doesn't matter which one wins, you are just voting more on the same into office.

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