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Comment: Paper (Score 1) 386

by mosb1000 (#46758941) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

Until the IRS upgrades to the '90s and lets you use their website to file, I'm not really interested in filling out a million questions on some scammy website, or going to an accountant to fill out some basic paperwork anybody could do. It's easy enough to fill out the paper forms and mail in a check (though that is the only thing I am likely to write a check for, or put in the mail this year).

Comment: Team mentality (Score 2) 313

by mosb1000 (#46718221) Attached to: Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

I was trying to figure out why people would say that she's connected to the NSA. I was wondering if they'd say that about anyone who served in the White House (Al Gore is on Apple's board). I guess to people subscribing to a team mentality, any member of the republican leadership must be working to promote the NSA, and all the brave democrats are fighting against it.

But in reality, it's pretty silly to think that she's going to advocate turning over all their data to the NSA just because she's on their board and has worked with the NSA in the past. It's also pretty silly to think the NSA hasn't already got that data without her help.

Comment: Re:Feds... (Score 4, Insightful) 342

by mosb1000 (#46459145) Attached to: New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla

Interstate commerce means any work involving or related to the movement of persons or things across state lines. If you make a car in CA and take it to NJ, that's clearly interstate commerce, and the Federal Government is granted constitutional authority to regulate it. Maybe you are confused about what it means?

Comment: That's a really stupid comparison. (Score 1) 122

by mosb1000 (#46443813) Attached to: iRobot CEO: Humanoid Robots Too Expensive To Be the Norm

Researchers have been making humanoid robots for much longer than they've been trying to make any of those other things you listed. And yet, such devices are still limited to doing simple tricks of little or no real value. In the mean time, robots designed for specific purposes (that look nothing like people) are used throughout society. Humanoid robots will always be much more complex, and much less stable, than their non-humanoid counterparts. So of course they will never be affordable because you will always be able to make a cheaper wheeled robot.

Also, it is baffling to me that anyone would throw away money on this line of research. The limits of this kind of robot should be obvious to all of us, since it would have all the same limits we do. But for some reason this idea is so compelling to the less logically minded masses that it attracts all kinds of money for research that is destined to lead nowhere.

Comment: Re:Pointless and unoriginal. (Score 1) 57

by mosb1000 (#46406371) Attached to: Italian Researchers Demonstrate 'Powerloader' Suit

I did watch the video. You certainly can use a regular loader or mini-excivator for disaster relief, so I don't know what they were on about. It was more like they wanted to make a cool robot exoskeleton, and they needed to come up with an excuse for why you would even want the stupid thing.

If they were really interested in disaster relief, they would be making attachments for compact loaders and mini-excivators, not ridiculous exo-skeletons that could never possibly be useful for that (or any other) application.

Comment: Pointless and unoriginal. (Score 1) 57

by mosb1000 (#46406183) Attached to: Italian Researchers Demonstrate 'Powerloader' Suit

So it has 10 times the moving parts of a regular loader, but can lift less than 10% of the weight?

I know these things look cool in the cartoons, but there's a reason we don't build construction equipment this way. Things like these will never be as practical as wheeled and tracked vehicles.

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