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Comment Re:Denmark has had a similar site for some time (Score 3, Informative) 547

You can do the paper work yourself, if you want to. I chose to pay someone else to do it for me, so I have more time to troll on Slashdot.

The EUR 13 includes sales tax (25%, EUR 3.25) and postage times two (to you and to the church, total about EUR 2) and then he has to pay income tax of the remaining EUR 7.75 (around 40%, EUR 3.10), leaving him with something like EUR 4.65.

Comment Denmark has had a similar site for some time (Score 4, Informative) 547

The Danish website https://www.ingenkirkeskat.dk/ (no church tax dot dk) has been up for a few years. I used it to resign from the church, and got the additional bonus of saving 0,80% income tax. The site says he (it's a one man operation) has saved Danish tax payers DKK 123'535'000 (EUR 16'500'000) so far. His fee is DKK 99 (EUR 13), because in Denmark it has to be done in hardcopy.


Submission + - Microsoft to offer free online storage (yahoo.com)

athloi writes: "Microsoft Corp. is giving computer users up to 500 megabytes of online storage for their documents, music, photos and video. They're offering it to a select 5,000 test users for now, but will make it widely available later this summer. This move is the latest in a series by the previous large corporation we all loved to hate to compete with the newest large corporation we might hate and fear, Google. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070627/ap_on_hi_te/te chbit_online_storage"

Submission + - Cisco IOS Exploitation Techniques (net-security.org)

An anonymous reader writes: It's been almost two years since Michael Lynn demonstrated a reliable code execution exploit on Cisco IOS. Although his presentation received a lot of media coverage in the security community, very little is known about the attack and the technical details surrounding the IOS check_heaps() vulnerability. This paper is a result of research carried out by IRM to analyse and understand the check_heaps() attack and its impact on similar embedded devices. Furthermore, it also helps developers understand security-specific issues in embedded environments and developing mitigation strategies for similar vulnerabilities.

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