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Comment Re:It's...a staff pick. (Score 1) 50

I supported more than 40 projects on Kickstarter. Almost all were successfully funded and almost all of those have delivered or are clearly on their way to deliver.
But my success rate has nothing to do with self fulfilling things. It's just that I do not just support projects because I like the idea, but because I check the details and ask myself if the project seems reasonable and the project leads know what they are doing.

Now if I can do that, somebody with a lot more insight in this process, like somebody working for Kickstarter, can do that even better.
And thus most of the staff picks succeed because the Kickstarter staff tends to pick projects with a good chance of success.

Comment Re: Move it around first .... simple! (Score 4, Informative) 280

.But we do have lay judges (Schöffen)

For our non-German friends: Instead of judge and jury we have a panel of judges, some of whom (sometimes the whole panel with one exception) may not be studied lawyers but citizen 'drafted' to judge duty for a year or so.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 1) 236

Analog clocks show 12 hours, of course. An analog clock with 24 hours would be hard to read.
But analog clocks usually don't show am/pm. And that's where we started: Getting up seeing a clock say AM.

And digital clocks here in Europe show the time in 24 hours. Unless the clock is a cheap import or runs an OS made by an American company that doesn't care about the differences between cultures.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score -1) 236

People really really like having the clock say AM when they get up and PM when they go to bed

So that's why it always felt so wrong to me to get up at 07:00 and go to bed at 23:00... I'm missing the am/pm that hasn't been part of the clocks here in continental Europe since long before I was born.

Or to put it differently: Don't take you 'merican ways of looking at the world and just assume that everybody everywhere lives the same. Just because you are used to imperial units (Do you even realize how funny it is that the country that fought a war to get out from under the rule of the British Empire is still using IMPERIAL units?) and the 12-hour clock doesn't mean that others haven't moved on to something else.

Comment Re:Kickstarter refunds? (Score 4, Informative) 128

Actually: Not that nice at all.

The original plan was to release a Matchstick without DRM support. That version was ready to go in production and that was the version that the Kickstarter backers pledged to support.

But some months in, when the original product should already have been in production, Matchstick decided to revise their plans and to redesign the hardware to support DRM. So the backers where told that they would receive a different product then originally announced at a later date.

This was when I decided to get out and asked for my money back.
Todays announcement shows me I was right.

Matchstick should have stayed with their original plan and added DRM vor version 2.

Comment Re:There are always options. (Score 1, Funny) 628

The kind that doesn't like his computer breaking randomly because MS decided they knew better for him than he did.

It's been many years since a Windows update broke one of my computers.

Now, I do know it happens every once in a while, but rarely.
But going forward Windows updates are tested by many more people then in the past due to the ongoing Insider program.
So the likelyhood of a Windows update breaking productive systems should go down.

On the other hand, Windows users that don't install security update because it is inconvenient and who put not only themselves but other people as well in jeopardy are aplenty.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307

the country was occupied and split. On the East side it was straight out annexed and made part of the USSR.

Strange... I grew up in Eastern Germany, yet I don't remember speaking Russian all day or my parents electing somebody to the Kremlin and it is kinda strange that the armed forces did not wear the red star of the Soviet forces.
But hey, I'm sure you know what you're talking about.

(Now, if you had written that the state that was founded out of the Soviet occupation zone was propped up and controlled by the Kremlin and made part of the eastern European system then yes, that would be in line with my experiences in my youth.)

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