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Comment Re:Kickstarter refunds? (Score 4, Informative) 102

Actually: Not that nice at all.

The original plan was to release a Matchstick without DRM support. That version was ready to go in production and that was the version that the Kickstarter backers pledged to support.

But some months in, when the original product should already have been in production, Matchstick decided to revise their plans and to redesign the hardware to support DRM. So the backers where told that they would receive a different product then originally announced at a later date.

This was when I decided to get out and asked for my money back.
Todays announcement shows me I was right.

Matchstick should have stayed with their original plan and added DRM vor version 2.

Comment Re:There are always options. (Score 1, Funny) 628

The kind that doesn't like his computer breaking randomly because MS decided they knew better for him than he did.

It's been many years since a Windows update broke one of my computers.

Now, I do know it happens every once in a while, but rarely.
But going forward Windows updates are tested by many more people then in the past due to the ongoing Insider program.
So the likelyhood of a Windows update breaking productive systems should go down.

On the other hand, Windows users that don't install security update because it is inconvenient and who put not only themselves but other people as well in jeopardy are aplenty.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307

the country was occupied and split. On the East side it was straight out annexed and made part of the USSR.

Strange... I grew up in Eastern Germany, yet I don't remember speaking Russian all day or my parents electing somebody to the Kremlin and it is kinda strange that the armed forces did not wear the red star of the Soviet forces.
But hey, I'm sure you know what you're talking about.

(Now, if you had written that the state that was founded out of the Soviet occupation zone was propped up and controlled by the Kremlin and made part of the eastern European system then yes, that would be in line with my experiences in my youth.)

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307

Actually, changing the current policies is what needs to happen.
Greece needs to get rid of corruption, tax evasion and excessive spending.
That would give them more money to spend on rebuilding their economy, while the pay their loans with the additional money borrowed.

Defaulting is the (somewhat) easy way out. The debtors loose their money (meaning that 500 million Europeans have to pay the tab for the miss -management by several Greece governments) and Greece will have to rebuild from nothing. Cause if they default, who will give them favorable credits after that?

Comment Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 1307

Well, it would have been those citizens job to elect not the parties that promised them everything for nothing but the parties that were willing to to make the hard but necessary decisions.

When you borrow money you have to pay it back. Or at least honestly try to do your best to do so.
Borrowing money and then saying 'We can't pay you back. Sorry. Your problem now.' is not the way to go.

We're talking several hundred BILLION Euro here. If Greece defaults on that that money will be missing in the coffers of the other European countries. That's money that you take away from the other 500 Million EU citizen.
It would be nice if you are less carefree with other people's money.

Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

Strange... I seem to remember that the current Greek government was elected by the Greek people. Also, if they the where instated by Bruessels, why didn't they do what Bruessels wants?
You are right on the current Greek secretary of finances, though. He is a corporate man who thinks the lies and deceptions he's used to work here as well as in his former job.

Comment Re:For me it's the reverse (Score 1) 172

With affordable/budget computers soon to be secure boot locked to windows 10+ ONLY(no more linux etc).

Many Linux distributions are totally fine booting on a computer with activated secure boot, using a boot loader that was signed by Microsoft.

Do you have any source for your claim that that will not work anymore? Otherwise I call FUD.

Comment Re:How is this illegal? (Score 2) 97

Still don't see the harm if Apple and the publishers try to set prices. You. An either deal with Apple or not. It's up to the publishers if they want to make that deal.

It would help if you read up on this case...

Apple and the publishers did not only fix the prices you pay at Apples shop, but they also forced all other ebook retailers to follow the agency model that Apple wanted and pay at least what Apple payed to the publishers.

So this collusion harmed all retailers, and thus all consumers because it removed a lot of choice.

Comment Re:E-book prices (Score 1) 97

Why should digital sale not use the wholesale model?

I do not want the publishers to dictate the price, because they are removed from the customer and thus don't think of the customer when setting prices.

The publishers are the ones that first sell eBooks for the price of the hardcover paper book and only go down with the price when the paperback is released.
It doesn't make sense that the same eBook suddenly should be worth only a third of what I would have had to pay earlier.
Publishers don't understand the digital business and would only be trying to prop up the classic paper business that they are used to.

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