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Comment: Re:still breaking the law? (Score 1) 107

by morleron (#19512169) Attached to: FBI Finds It Overstepped Bounds in Collecting Data
I think you're absolutely right about this. Here's how the Feds are now recruiting people for the FBI and DOJ:

Hey! Step right right up and put your name down for a job with the FBI or DOJ and possible nomination as next U.S. Attorney General. You've got just the attributes we here in Washington are looking for, primarily, the ability to rationalize anything that Der Führer^w^w President Bush wants done. You'll fit in nicely here in Washington, the land of the Big Lie, little credibility, and less truth than contained in any Fox News report on the "War on Terrorism". Why, I'm sure you realize that those so-called "black" CIA prisons that the ACLU and other un-patriotic civil libertarian groups are concerned about are really nice little weekend vacation spots chosen so as to put people (who are kept anonymous only for their own protection) in the mood to talk to us about the time they spent with Osama bin Laden. And those FBI oversights, well, you and I both know that no harm was done to anyone who had nothing to hide. Anyone who thinks we did wrongly just isn't looking at the world in the right way; know what I mean, kid? (/recruitment)

It's time to really start putting the pressure on our spineless Congresscritters to impeach that little sawed-off, two-bit, spawn of a syphilitic whore and a baboon who calls himself "The Decider" before it's too late to do so. Every time he and his cronies are allowed to get away with this sort of thing it is regarded by those in Washington as setting a precedent for what others may do in the future: the starting point for new abuses, as it were. Keep those cards and letters going to the jellyfish in Congress and maybe they'll use them to fashion some sort of spine.

Just my $.02,

+ - Egypti arrests bloggers

Submitted by 2think
2think writes: The BBC is reporting that after bloggers highlighted recent public sexual harassment within view of Egyptian police, the government of Egypt has been arresting bloggers. It seems that almost any type of dissension isn't tolerated in Egypt, but this story has interesting implications for tourists as well as social activism (women's rights, free speech online, etc.). Find the story here.
United States

+ - GOP loser Demands Hindu Convert to christianity

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes: Republican Loser Demands Hindu Democrat Winner Convert to Christianity

You probably don't know him, unless you live in MN. He seems like a nice enough Democrat, and I'm happy he won. Now, check out the nice letter he got from the complete nutcase (person) he replaced in office:

"Jesus is the way, the truth and offers His life to you and each human being. Pay attention...this is very important, Satveer. Have you noticed Jesus for some moment in time, yet???"

Archiving Digital Data an Unsolved Problem 405

Posted by kdawson
from the digital-ice-age dept.
mattnyc99 writes, "It's a huge challenge: how to store digital files so future generations can access them, from engineering plans to family photos. The documents of our time are being recorded as bits and bytes with no guarantee of readability down the line. And as technologies change, we may find our files frozen in forgotten formats. Popular Mechanics asks: Will an entire era of human history be lost?" From the article: "[US national archivist] Thibodeau hopes to develop a system that preserves any type of document — created on any application and any computing platform, and delivered on any digital media — for as long as the United States remains a republic. Complicating matters further, the archive needs to be searchable. When Thibodeau told the head of a government research lab about his mission, the man replied, 'Your problem is so big, it's probably stupid to try and solve it.'"

+ - Stem cells core of more cancers

Submitted by davecb
davecb writes: The Globe and Mail reports that cancers have at their core a small number of stem cells, without which they cannot spread or reoccur. From the article: A spate of new discoveries about the basic biology of cancer is pushing researchers toward an astonishing conclusion: For decades, efforts to cure the disease may have targeted the wrong cells. If true, the discoveries of Canadian and Italian research groups may give us a new path to selectively attack cancer.

+ - what technology to use for new web application?

Submitted by
boxlight writes: "Hi all,

I'm being tasked with building a new web application and I need advice from programmers.

If you were going to build a serious web app, say, a myspace or a digg or an amazon or whatever — what technology would you use? We're talking hundreds of thousands of users and a relatively complex database schema.

You don't necessarily need to qualify your answer, just curious to know what you'd recommend, so I can read up on it.

For example, I'm mainly a Java guy so currently I'd choose JSF + Hibernate + MySQL. But I don't want to be biased, I'm very open to alternatives.

I wish I had more time to look into everything out there, there's so much!

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Journal: Hunting 3

Journal by Sylver Dragon
In case anyone missed it, I enjoy shooting guns. Going out with my Father and Father-in-law target shooting has always been an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday to me. While I do not own my own firearm right now, I do plan to own a couple eventually; mostly a matter of when money permits. Also, there is the fact that I will probably inherit a veritable arsenal of weapons when my Parents and my In-laws check out. My parents own a .22 rifle, a German Ruger (authentic WWII fro
Linux Business

+ - Linux pwned -- the long march begins?

Submitted by
antjock writes: "Well, it was only a matter of time before you heard something like this from Microsoft reguarding their recent deal with Novell.

As the Samba team says in their post about the deal:
...the GPL makes it clear that all distributors of GPL'd software must stand together in the fight against software patents. Only by standing together do we stand a chance of defending against the peril represented by software patents.
So, how do we stand together against what is sure to be a long hard road?"

+ - 34% of colleagues have snooped at another's screen

Submitted by
Torbin Sundquist
Torbin Sundquist writes: "Privacy Filters — Keep it Confidential Information security is a top priority for many companies, especially for traveling employees who are prone to attacks. Passwords, firewalls and biometrics are only half the solution to data security. Using a 3M Privacy Filter can help improve employee productivity by allowing confidential information to be processed no matter where they are — in the office, on a train or plane or even in a restaurant. 3M's patented microlouver technology works like tiny vertical blinds to block ambient light and narrow the viewing angle so that only persons sitting directly in front of your laptop are able to see on-screen data. Some interesting facts: * Nearly 40% of business travelers admit to snooping on unsuspecting seatmates. * 42% of business travelers have felt that someone was looking over their shoulder while they worked. * 34% of colleagues have snooped at another's screen. * (Source: 3M Snooping Survey 2004). They have a funny commercial about laptop spying called "Synchronized Snooping." Anyone who works in an open space or uses their laptop in public can relate to this."

+ - Wikipedia no longer accessible from China

Submitted by
empaler writes: "The respite was very short for the Chinese wikipedians - reported in the Inquirer, Wikipedia is now inaccessible in China. However, it is unclear whether this is recession to earlier censorship policy or just an error. From the article: "So far it is not clear if the problems are technical or if they are part of a formal ban as there has not been a comment from the Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Information Industry.". A lengthier article is available at Prison Planet, who broke the story."

A Giant DIY LED Display 69

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the cross-town-messaging-systems dept.
smf28 writes "Dheera Venkatraman has created a giant DIY LED display featuring 36 blue Luxeons in a 6x6 array on the windows of Simmons Hall, an undergraduate dormitory at MIT famous (or infamous, if you wish) for its design. Recent uses included welcoming students in September, Pirate Day, and others."
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Journal: Getting Adaptec AIC7xxxx drivers to work with new kernels

Journal by morleron

I'm having a rough time trying to get kernels newer than 2.6.11 to work with my Adaptec aic7892 SCSI card to function. The problem is that I have both an Ultra160 and a SCSI 2 Wide drive connected to the card. Given the card's construction I can't plu the SCSI2 drive into the SCSI 2 port on the card without taking a razor saw to the SCSI connector and cutting a lot of it off. Anyway, because of the slower connection the card automagically derates its capabilities to the lowest common denom

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Journal: Submission to Ask Slashdot

Journal by morleron

I am looking for a way to use the TOR - privoxy combination to shield my IP addresses while surfing the Web. When I try it with /. I can't post as the IP addresses that TOR sets up are blacklisted. I hope that there's some way around this.

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