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Submission + - Are PDF's better than standard websites?

morikahnx writes: I work for a local newspaper, and times are tough. Competitors are going out of business but somehow we are hanging in there. We have a modest website that is well built and an in-house web developer that is constantly updating it. But now my boss, at the urgings of an investor, is asking us to replace our standard news website with a direct PDF conversion of our printed newspaper. This will include all the odd layouts we do to make stories fit around ads, and worse, stories that jump from page to page. This investor has her really convinced this plan is going to work and I need ammunition to try to shoot it down before we waste more time and energy on yet another backwards plan. Can you guys help come up with reasons that a standard database driven newsite is superior to PDF copies of the printed paper, or am I wrong about all this?

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.