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Comment: How about a more enforceable option? (Score 1) 168

by mordjah (#49037627) Attached to: Aims To Keep the Airspace Above Your Home Drone-Free
Screw voluntary compliance and screw more regulation. How about a small turret mounted em cannon or jammer? Or surely it cant be hard to usurp control of anything over my property, forcing it to land and rendering it salvage for my collection.. Please, overfly my property..

Comment: Re:Oo-er, matron! (Score 1) 211

by mordjah (#48892329) Attached to: At Oxford, a Battery That's Lasted 175 Years -- So Far

Population is provided by "Otto fuel II" which is a hot expanding gas


It's caused by something expanding, but it's not a gas. At least mine isn't.>

... wait for it ...

The explanation exceeds that which is interesting to all but the REALLY curious...

There you go... :)


seriously, I just about spit coffee on my screen... never mod points when you need em...

Comment: Re: With all this progress on HIV, (Score 2) 64

by mordjah (#47513015) Attached to: Researchers Successfully Cut HIV DNA Out of Human Cells
Can you not see that this research is directly applicable? Arguably cancer can be considered a copy error (wouldn't it be nice if our DNA had CRC?) If you think about it like that it seems that you could replace the error bits in just this fashion, and voilla.. Cancers ( all of them, as well as a shitload of other genetic issues ) are a memory.. Now where the hell do we put all the people?

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