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+ - Alibaba to push global expansion, says new CEO->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Chinese e-retail group Alibaba has emphasized the importance of driving its globalization strategy should it be serious about the success of cross-border sales and recruitment. CEO Daniel Zhang announced yesterday at a strategy meeting at Alibaba HQ, that the e-commerce giant would be pushing its international expansion efforts. As part of these expansion plans, Zhang referred to sales platform AliExpress which allows users to sell Chinese products abroad, as well as Tmall Global, a similar service which supports foreign brands better reach the Chinese market. Although Alibaba is the world’s largest e-commerce group by transactions, it has remained heavily focused on targeting Chinese consumers. It has started to make tracks into the U.S. market, most recently acquiring a 9% stake in online retail business Zulily. The firm also invested in U.S. e-retailer ShopRunner in 2013 which guarantees delivery in two days. Zhang also spoke about the shift to a mobile-orientated world and the need for innovation in cloud computing which it would support through the development of its Aliyun platform. He added that Alimama, the company’s electronic-advertising platform, has focused on the Chinese market for “too long.”
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+ - DARPA Just Open Sourced All This Swish 'Dark Web' Search Tech->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: Google appears to be an indomitable force. But, with today's release from the US military's research arm of its Memex search technologies and Europe's competition investigation into the Mountain View giant, it might be a propitious time for tech-minded entrepreneurs to start building a Google killer.

DARPA's Memex search technologies have garnered much interest due to their initial mainstream application: to uncover human trafficking operations taking place on the âoedark webâ, the catch-all term for the various internet networks the majority of people never use, such as Tor, Freenet and I2P. And a significant number of law enforcement agencies have inquired about using the technology. But Memex promises to be disruptive across both criminal and business worlds.

Christopher White, who leads the team of Memex partners, which includes members of the Tor Project, a handful of prestigious universities, NASA and research-focused private firms, tells FORBES the project is so ambitious in its scope, it wants to shake up a staid search industry controlled by a handful of companies: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Putting those grandiose ideas into action, DARPA will today open source various components of Memex, allowing others to take the technologies and adapt them for their own use. As is noticeable from the list of technologies below, there's great possibility for highly-personalised search, whether for agents trying to bring down pedophiles or the next Silk Road , or anyone who wants a less generic web experience. Here's an exclusive look at who is helping DARPA build Memex and what they're making available on the Open Catalogue today

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+ - Rocket Lab Unveils "Electric" Rocket Engine 1

Submitted by Adrian Harvey
Adrian Harvey writes: The New Zealand based commercial space company Rocket Lab has unveiled their new rocket engine which the media is describing as battery-powered. It still uses rocket fuel, of course, but has an entirely new propulsion cycle which uses electric motors to drive its turbopumps.

To add to the interest over the design, it uses 3D printing for all its primary components. First launch is expected this year, with commercial operations commencing in 2016.

Comment: Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 137

by mordjah (#49462717) Attached to: UW Scientists, Biotech Firm May Have Cure For Colorblindness
That was my second thought (first was "finally!")
This is on my list of gene hacks, expanded visual range. Further, this seems to be a very good vehicle to refine the concept of genetic modification via viral administration. It could open up a whole host of other applications.. I for one would love to grow a new set of teeth every 15 years or so. Perhaps this will open the door for some of these ideas while allaying the fears of the masses wrt gene mods...
Or perhaps we will simply open the way for the Eugenics Wars...

Comment: Re:Double tassel ... (Score 1) 216

HAHAHAHAHAH! Seriously, I just about sprayed my screen.. If you call "tech support" and tell them that, the response is invariably going to be two seconds of silence, followed by "Ok, have you tried rebooting, or restoring to factory defaults?" Never mind the fact that you are calling about a WEB SITE that spewed mysql connection errors all over the browser.. Do you really think that a tier 1 support rep in India knows what a database connection error is??

The life of a repo man is always intense.