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Comment: Re: With all this progress on HIV, (Score 2) 61

by mordjah (#47513015) Attached to: Researchers Successfully Cut HIV DNA Out of Human Cells
Can you not see that this research is directly applicable? Arguably cancer can be considered a copy error (wouldn't it be nice if our DNA had CRC?) If you think about it like that it seems that you could replace the error bits in just this fashion, and voilla.. Cancers ( all of them, as well as a shitload of other genetic issues ) are a memory.. Now where the hell do we put all the people?

Comment: Re:Google pushing fantasy of AI (Score 1) 113

by mordjah (#46081733) Attached to: Google Buys UK AI Startup Deep Mind
Lol it just goes to show you that when you allow these fruitcakes to rant it seldom takes long before they are red faced and foaming at the mouth.. But, i'm bored so i'll feed the troll..

Google makes databases of images to help navigate.. Wow, thats insightful..

OMG driverless tanks! Uhm.. yeah, no shit. Thats how we fight in the US.. We expend money and machines wholesale in order to preserve (our) lives.

We all know that even if Google != u.s. government the data is all shared.. So, yeah, we will be using that to build training sets.. I mean, really, have you not heard of DARPA? Jesus we've been begging for even weak ai for decades.. Of course we will be using the data from the company who's stated goal is to index everything

And then his religion falls out and starts getting all over the rug.. You really cannot take some people out in public. If you wish to troll effectively you must save the really good frothing at the mouth until after you have succesfully engaged someone in a dialog.

Comment: Re:Great, new selfies (Score 2) 68

by mordjah (#45759795) Attached to: Throwable 36-Camera Ball Nearly Ready To Toss

Where do I get one?

All I thought of when I saw the title was the laser mapping spheres from Prometheus. Then I read (I swear.. well, at least tfs) and decided that the only appropriate use for this would be to mount it on an autonomous quad with lte and wifi.. and send it to the nude beaches.. Ahh I always love the slashvertising before Christmas, especially when accompanied by the warm thunk of camera grenades on the sand..

Comment: Re: Theft (Score 2) 1010

by mordjah (#45599673) Attached to: EV Owner Arrested Over 5 Cents Worth of Electricity From School's Outlet
Seems to me that a school's power would be at least partly paid for by me i own.. im not aware that you can steal something you pay for.. further, should it then also be illegal to use power outlets at libraries? Are these not both publicly funded institutions? I would equate an open outlet in a public space the same as open wifi. If you dont want to share, dont leave your things out. Just my .02

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