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+ - Mageia 2 arrives with GNOME 3 and systemd->

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ReinoutS writes "The H reports: 'The developers of the Mageia Linux distribution have announced their second release. As the official Mageia blog puts it, the distribution is "growing up". Where the initial version was mainly designed to get a stable first release out after the fork from Mandriva, the second major version of the distribution attempts the first significant changes to the code base: Mageia 2 has switched to systemd for its boot process and the GNOME desktop has been updated to the 3.x branch.'

Mageia 2 comes with kernel 3.3.6, KDE SC 4.8.2 and GNOME 3.4.1. In an interesting turn of events, Mandriva is going to base a business product on this distribution."

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+ - EU Warns Google To Change Or Face Fines->

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bonch (38532) writes "Europe's top antitrust regulator has issued an ultimatum, giving Google weeks to propose changes or face formal charges of antitrust abuse. Google is under investigation for allegedly promoting its services over competitors in search results. Google issued a statement disagreeing with the EU commission's conclusions, stating that 'innovation online has never been greater.'"
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Comment: Re:Innovation (Score 1) 111

by moranar (#39741277) Attached to: Linus Shares the Millennium Technology Prize

The only reason I could defend Linus Torvalds is because I worship him.

Only a hero worshipper would believe Linux Torvalds need defending.

I'm not defending him because I believe he needs it, I'm defending him because your comment pissed me off. That you still consider only one possible cause for my comment is cute. Sad, and cute.

More so, that he hasn't innovated is hard fact, just because you made a quip.

Not because I made a quip, but because what he has done has been done by others before him. He has done commendable hard work used by many people, but I don't see the Linux kernel or git as innovation.

I did say that's your problem, not mine, and exactly why. Sorry, but I have to choose between the judgment of someone giving more than 1.000.000 Euros, and a random slashdot poster. I choose the former. Of course, you have the same right.


Exclusive Look at FBI's New Sentinel System 27

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gManZboy writes "Six years and $450 million into the project, the FBI's Sentinel case-management system appears to be almost ready for deployment. Sentinel aims to replace a hodge-podge of digital and paper processes with purely digital workflows, helping FBI agents collaborate and "connect the dots" on investigations. The question now is how well the problem-plagued system will live up to those expectations. FBI CIO Chad Fulgham demonstrated Sentinel for InformationWeek on March 28, the first time the agency has shown its new case-management system to an outsider. 'This isn't just a case-management system. It's a great platform to grow on,' Fulgham said during the demo at FBI headquarters. The agency's IT team plans to move other apps over to Sentinel, giving them a similar look and feel on the same underlying hardware."

Comment: Re:The real question is... (Score 1) 369

by moranar (#38495708) Attached to: Customers Gleefully Mock Best Buy's $1,095.99 HDMI

Well, since one of the implications of a product being "sold out" is that "somebody bought it", it stands to reason that someone should actually receive what they bought. If they bought it before christmas, a subsequent valid question is to inquire whether they got it in time for the holiday.

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