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+ - Linux is less secure than Windows->

Submitted by mooterSkooter
mooterSkooter writes: Form the article: "GFI analysis is based on the data from the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD), which shows that in 2014, the top three most vulnerable operating systems took owner by the following number of vulnerabilities reported in their software:"
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Comment: The group that brought us Great Giana Sisters (Score 1) 204

by mooterSkooter (#48922081) Attached to: Computer Chess Created In 487 Bytes, Breaks 32-Year-Old Record

Does anyone else remember the hacked version of Great Giana Sisters from Red Sector. I assume it's the same people.

Anyway, completely awesome achievement...It would probably take me ages to write something similiar in a high-level language. Amazing.

Comment: Re:The larger screen is part of the problem (Score 1) 544

It's all marketing, don't be such a sucker! In fact, I just call 'em al laptops, in the case net/utlra/bollocks-books, I just call 'em small laptops.

In fact, if I'm honest, I actually just refer to all the computers in my house as computers, including games-consoles (as they are usually hacked enough to have pretty much the same functionality as any other computer in the house).

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