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Comment: Re:The larger screen is part of the problem (Score 1) 544

It's all marketing, don't be such a sucker! In fact, I just call 'em al laptops, in the case net/utlra/bollocks-books, I just call 'em small laptops.

In fact, if I'm honest, I actually just refer to all the computers in my house as computers, including games-consoles (as they are usually hacked enough to have pretty much the same functionality as any other computer in the house).

Comment: Re:I don't get all the negativity (Score 1) 155

by mooterSkooter (#46149171) Attached to: Eclipse Foundation Celebrates 10 Years

Well, I was just talking from personal experience. Like I say, I only used it in a work environment for project where it was only me and another team member working on the same project. It worked great but we were both on windows (though, I did work at home with the same project on linux...again, fine)

No, I can't say I've used a huge amount of IDEs. I used an IBM one for java about 15 years ago, Powerbuilder I think. It sucked. I've used Visual Studio from about version 5. The changes MS make nowadays are just pointless and are done merely to sell new version, whereas following eclipse for the last few years, it seems to get better.

I might have to have a look at QT Creator and IntelliJ though...but I like the fact that eclipse compiles for both languages and learning a new interface just seems like time wasted when I could be hacking-away!

Comment: I don't get all the negativity (Score 2) 155

by mooterSkooter (#46148183) Attached to: Eclipse Foundation Celebrates 10 Years

It works fine for me. I like the fact I can just copy over the whole eclipes 'install' directory from one computer to another and it just seems to work.

Same with workspaces, just copy that whole thing over. Works fine.

I also use a mercurial plugin with it to save my code to bitbucket. Again, works like a dream.

It's never crashed or slowed down for me (though I rarely update it, because it just works)

However, I mainly code in C++ with it and have only produced one commercial java/android project with it...that worked fine too.

In fact, I love it so much that I donated to them recently.

The only other IDE I think is better in M$ Visual Studio...but that doesn't run on linux and uses shed-loads of disk space, so they can keep it.

Comment: Re:My first computer (Score 1) 212

by mooterSkooter (#39770113) Attached to: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary

Wow. You learn something everyday. I have always thought the whole reason was to save memory but yes, obviously that could be done when saving (and displaying on screen and editing).

Very interesting.

Yes, it was a joy to get the 128 (I skipped the 128 and went straight to the +2) and actually type the commands.

mmmm, RANDOMIZE USR 1234

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