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Comment Re:WHY WHY WHY? (Score 1) 102

"The pickups are attached to a plate that can be easily swapped."

Why? Here's why: "The pickups are attached to a plate that can be easily swapped."

That's 1 example, probably the single thing that would attract more players than anything else, and there are plenty of good ideas in your guitar plans to go along with that. I like the idea of swapping out necks, too.

I'd want fingerboard options like: zero fret, 24 frets, scalloped, fretless, a fat vintage C profile and some other profiles.... If I had to lathe and mill my own necks, though, I wouldn't. I'd feel great about buying truly interchangeable parts, one or two at a time, from builders/sellers, as I could afford them and whenever I am in the mood to change something up.

I'd want to see more space on the frame for larger bridges, esp. Kahler, Floyd Rose, and other vibrato/"tremelo"/whammy bar bridges, and I'd need to be able to place a pickup closer to the briddge than 9 mm (to fit my Roland GK pickups). Those would be required before the modular axe could be useful to me.

I'd also want modular parts that let me make a solid, reliable headless guitar. Those things are really wonderful.

Comment Re:Competition is good, baby! (Score 1) 1089

Yes, this is essentially the "thin client" scam: we'll take away the independence and control that you get from having your own computer, and make you reliant on access to the network, reliant on continual upgrades that you pay for, and reliant on other people to do no evil with the files and personal information you'll be forced to share on the network.

What do you get in return? A slightly smaller machine that you can't open or fix. You'll be reliant on someone else for those things, too.

Comment "If there is a problem with an Apple product.." (Score 2, Informative) 292

"If there is a problem with an Apple product you take it to the Apple store and they fix it."


It's just not true. Ask them to figure out why your iCal isn't syncing with your dotMac or "MobileMe" account, and see how far you get with that. I was told to email for support.

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