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I dunno... I configure and buy a rig every 2-3 years and/or make significant upgrades in the meantime. But I do it to speed 3D and video rendering. I bought GTA4 and Just Cause 2 when they were out and only ended up playing JC2. But I spend a ton of time gaming on my iPod. Bought a used 360 and a pile of games I had made note of and yet haven't played it nearly as much as I expected. I think when I am at my PC I feel I should be doing useful creative things. The iPod lets me get my gaming fix at times when I won't feel guilty about not doing something more productive. But my main point is that there are still areas of interest besides gaming in which having a high-spec custom rig can still be a top priority.

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Also, I have played GTA from I think GTA 3, and I have always played it from the perspective of doing the least harm possible. When I first started, I didn't even run red lights, until I learned that the cops won't chase you for that. I still am disappointed when I am in the middle of a mission and I accidentally hit a pedestrian while being chased or even worse is when the story requires you to kill a bystander. Heck, even when they give me a choice about killing a criminal, I choose to let them go. Frankly, I think that most of the assumptions that people make about the GTA series comes from people who haven't actually played it. Just like most any other topic, most people who talk about it are talking out of their rear end.

I have always been the same way. The thing I like about sandbox games is that they are the most immersive for me. I like the feeling of being in the place as a tourist trying to learn my way around, and I find that trying to obey (assumed even if unenforced) rules and respecting the rights and dignity of NPCs is more fun for me than just running around as an unstoppable force of chaos. Gameloft's Gangstar games have a tendency to ask players to engage in wanton destruction and targeting of innocents, and I really do hate when the game forces that upon my character. Then again, I think wrecks in Nascar prolong the race and can disrupt hours of planning mileage/tire wear etc.

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I agree with this far more than the "It's so terrible that something I don't have to buy isn't exactly how I want it to be" arguments.

It's like that car from Southpark that you had to suck and let screw you to drive it, even though it didn't really need to do that to do the one thing you wanted it for in the first place.

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I'm pulling my money out of foolish things like municipal bonds and buying stock in companies which make rotator cuff treatments and therapies because that is apparently going to be a huge growth area soon.

Yeah, because doing things with your arms and hands that require more motion than moving a mouse around on a desk just isn't natural... or what?

It's not about the motion, it's about not resting any part of your arm for extended periods of time. I mouse with my palm and/or elbow resting on a surface.

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Nobody complained that the SNES wasn't backward compatible with the NES, or that the N64 wasn't backwards compaitble with the SNES, or that the Gamecube wasn't backwards compatible with the the N64. I think the first backwards compatible games console was the PS2. Now it's something that's a deal breaker?

The first backward compatible console with expanded functionality was the Atari 7800. I think many parents did complain that the systems weren't compatible as they tend to care more about the clutter in their living rooms than the kids typically do. The generational leaps seem smaller with each generation. Before, the experience was so vastly improved that the new console truly did obsolete the old one in that it made people practically forget the previous generation had existed. But as games become more of an art form and less of a novelty, the older titles have significantly more relevance than before. I've still not played Gears of War, or God of War or any of the other notable games of this generation. I'd like to play them someday. But in time it may become impossible to find anything to play them on.

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