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Submission + - SPAM: Indian techie youngest to be awarded "Freelancer of the Year" award

monzie writes: "It's the time of the year again and our brave geek-warriors need to know who's the head of the tribe. Our home-working geek warrior of 2011-2012 is Manish Chakravarty who specializes in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Selenium. He's supposedly working on a book too. The result is surprising to say the least becasue he's not only the youngest to win the presitigious award, but also has a near-perfect feedback score of 4.88/5

Leave your comments here in wishing him all the best. Slashdot will cover the story further as it unfolds"

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Submission + - Running Linux as a VM on a Mac 14 years ago!->

monzie writes: "Many people tend to think that virtualization on personal computers is something new. The author of the article took a PowerMac 14 years ago and was able to install Slackware linux as a Virtual Machine using Connectix Virtual PC to emulate x86 on the PowerPC Mac running System 7 OS"
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