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Comment Re:Rewards (Score 2) 184

The controller apparently incorporates a touchpad into the service to make it easier to play games designed for touchscreens. They are offering extra controllers for $30. That's a blue tooth controller with integrated touchpad for $30. It's this that screams Phantom to me. A fairly generic BT controller alone already costs around thirty bucks. How can they hope to sell their fancy version for the same amount?

In a perfect world, they pull it off, create a minor storm in the gaming world and fulfil everyone's orders, but it's entirely possible this ends up with nobody getting anything, except for the company employees who've had their wages funded for a year or two.

Until quite recently there were still people waiting to receive their Pandora console, two years late and that was, arguably, a substantially less ambitious project but one also funded by pre-orders. To their credit the Pandora devs ended up having to invest a lot of their own money and despite facing some incredible set-backs and hurdles they managed to create their dream handheld - albeit one that is now several years behind the loop compared to what the originally envisaged.

Comment Re:Rewards (Score 2) 184

Assuming design, packaging, shipping and royalties are free

Royalties to whom?

Royalties to the inevitable patent trolls that try to litigate them out of existence. $5 million would probably cover the legal department's canteen bill for the real players in this market, like MS, Sony and Apple.

Comment Re:Difference between shareholder and part owner? (Score 1) 191

If I had bought 10% of Facebook at the start, I expect to own 10% no matter how many shares are issued. Where are these shares coming from, MZ's own portion?

Doesn't work like that. You invest early and own 10% of the shares. Company runs out of money and needs more investment, say. Your 10% investment now become 10% of a company that won't stay afloat without more money, so you bring in a second round investor and your share gets diluted. Happens all the time. The real joke is that there's a ten to 1 bias against new shares when it comes to voting rights, so investors are effectively paying for a stake in a company that the majority of paper share-holders could still have no control over. So MZ has a large minority share-holding but 56% of the voting rights - hence the stunning Instagram decision. I really can't wait for this IPO to happen - it will be epic.

Comment Re:Who's buying? (Score 1) 191

The interwebs is filled with stories, articles and opinions about why getting in on the Facebook IPO is such a bad idea. I can't find a single piece that argues for buying FB shares now (if you do, can you please share?). So I'm wondering, if there is such an overwhelming negativity against the shares, what's driving this demand up and making fb add more shares?! brokerage firms are offering pre-orders for pre-screened buyers with a minimum number of orders and still are not guaranteeing issuance of shares. If so many people are saying don't do it, who are all the people who are doing it, and why? I find it hard to believe that so many people are actually ignoring the news and willing to put money down - surely there's something we're missing?

what's the pro argument for fb shares?

The people paying for the shares don't read tech stories off the Internet. The brokers punting the share to their customers make a commission regardless of what happens to the share after IPO. Obviously some investors will actually be hoping to make a quick buck by turning the shares around same day - and the demand suggests this will be very possible. Groupon and Glencore (mining firm) both closed above offer price on the day of their IPO, but look at them now. Of course that doesn't answer the question why so many investors are bullish on Facebook - even the fact the company is releasing more shares, when they can't possibly NEED the extra money, suggests they may see this as the optimum time to maximize their return. When tech shares fall, they fall hard.

Comment You can solve any problem... (Score 4, Insightful) 572

... by throwing more money and resources at it, right?

Who is going to keep an eye on the passenger advocates?

"So nat'ralists observe, a flea Hath smaller fleas that on him prey, And these have smaller fleas that bite 'em, And so proceed ad infinitum."

Comment Re:Do no evil indeed (Score 4, Interesting) 383

I field calls from companies claiming to be Google at least once a week. They aren't Google, they're people wanting to intermediate between a customer and eg Adwords. It's a scam, pure and simple. Whether this is the case here I can't say for sure, but I'd be surprised if it was official Google policy.

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