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Comment: Re:dev IE9 and dev FF vs release Chrome? (Score 2, Informative) 358

by montibbalt (#33618212) Attached to: IE9, FF4 Beta In Real-World Use Face-Off

Look, apart from the fact that it was a little too heavy on my ram (FAR less than FF btw) Opera was ok, BUT i thought it was unfortunate that they filled it with superfluous crap. Like the massive toolbar on top which is now a tiny toolbar that FF4 is copying quite directly, the animated tab switch thingo (which you could disable mind), and that annoying dialer thing which every browser has now


Comment: Re:Well (Score 1) 177

by montibbalt (#33163110) Attached to: 'Old School' Arcade Still Popular In NYC

Is that a Yogiism? Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded?

I'm from the Lakes Region. Crowded has nothing to do with it. It's only crowded one or two weeks of the year unless you go somewhere like Wolfeboro where it is crowded all summer because of the out-of-staters.

Anyway, the real reason nobody wants to go to the Lakes Region is because it is awful

Comment: Re:blah (Score 1) 615

by montibbalt (#33152976) Attached to: Churchill Accused of Sealing UFO Files, Fearing Public Panic

1. If you believe in god, why would the existence of aliens prove that god doesn't exist?

Read Genesis. God created the heavens, the Earth, Man and assorted other critters and varmints. God creating aliens is never mentioned. And the Bible is infallible, so UFOs with an alien crew would put theologists in a bit of a bind. And in the part about Noah's Ark, it is never mentioned that Noah rounded up two aliens.

I am not religious so I don't know the rules, but could it be, perhaps, that the bible tells a story of creation but not necessarily the WHOLE story? There are already a startling number of details left out (I imagine whoever actually wrote Genesis did this to keep it from being disproved), I wouldn't be surprised if another world and its inhabitants were left out especially if it's all something we were meant to discover on our own.

Comment: Re:modest proposal (Score 2, Funny) 273

by montibbalt (#32152310) Attached to: Mpeg 7 To Include Per-Frame Content Identification

Of course, Apple will offer their 'Doing Apple' to give us all some choice - but at the same time will sue anyone trying to 'Do Nothing' or 'Do Something' and not 'Doing Apple'...

Not to mention all the early adopters of the first-gen iDo are gonna get screwed when the new one comes out next year

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