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Comment Re:This is no Space Shuttle, its better. (Score 1) 111 111

The space shuttle was ultimately a vehicle for delivering crew and cargo to orbit.
This task is accomplished for less money by the falcon rockets.
Granted, If you put a ping pong table on the shuttle, its ping pong capabilities would be incomparable to the falcon rockets.

Comment This is no Space Shuttle, its better. (Score 5, Informative) 111 111

Space Shuttle:
Payload to GTO: ~3000 kg.
Average cost per flight: 1.5 billion (cost of shuttle program / number of launches)

Falcon 9 rocket:
Payload to GTO:~2000 kg
Average cost per flight: 50m (cost of expendable rocket)

Falcon 9 rocket with grasshopper gear:
Payload to GTO:~1000 kg (rough estimate)
Average cost per flight: ~200,000 (expected figure for fuel + incidentals)

You can do the math to figure out why this is a big deal.

Comment Re:YAY !! 1952 ALL OVER AGAIN !! (Score 4, Insightful) 111 111

They haven't had any failures since the advent of the falcon 9 rocket. The first three falcon launches failed, and if the fourth hadn't worked, spaceX would've folded. Luckily, the fourth did work, and they learned a lot from it. (mostly that 9 > 1)

Comment Fisker Karma has always been Second Rate (Score 2) 414 414

Fisker does not represent what electric vehicles are capable of- they represent what you get when you combine lots of money with shotty engineering. So who does it better? Well, if you haven't heard of them- Tesla motors is making a lot of headway.

Comment Engineer Tools (Score 1) 712 712

I think that every engineer on planet earth should have -A mechanical pencil -A Protractor -An engineer's scale ( those three sided rulers) -Calipers - TI83/84 I'm not one of those old school flannel wearing engineers, I do most everything on a computer, but there is a lot of value in having a traditional drafting desk with tools like this, regardless of what type of engineering you do.

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