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Comment Thanks Slashdot RSS (Score 1) 193

Dear Slashdot,

This is goodbye for us. You used to be a friend, with clever and interesting things to say. No longer. Your tired rants about the iPhone, your increasing inclusion of Idle articles in the RSS feed... it's clear that you have drifted off into a mad, lonely world. I have no interest in reading about some young pup on facebook, or about how people lose a bit of reception in some phones in some circumstances, etc. I hope someday you realize the mistakes you have made.

Take care,
mome rath


How Do You Land a Nuke-Powered Mini-Cooper On Mars? 218

tcd004 writes "Miles O'Brien narrates this video simulation of NASA's next Mars shot, which promises to out-gun all previous efforts. The Mini Cooper-sized Mars Science Laboratory, which is now named Curiosity, will crawl the Martian surface under steam from a nuclear powerplant — but it's a gentle giant compared to its predecessors. Recent theories have emerged that previous attempts at identifying organic compounds in Martian soil may have actually cooked away any signs of life-giving elements. Curiosity will go to great pains to avoid scorching the Earth ... erm ... Mars."

Comment Re:I'd expect this (Score 1) 231

I don't mean replace with paper, I mean get rid of bags altogether. Presently, you can see several instances of companies eliminating some service in the name of "green", and the fact that it will save them millions of dollars by shorting their customers is just a convenient benefit.

Comment Re:I'd expect this (Score 4, Insightful) 231

The funny thing about energy efficiency is that it saves companies money, but they get to spin it as being "green." [For example, when grocery stores eliminate plastic bags to be "green," what they really mean is they're eliminating bags to be "cheap."] If this new algorithm has no penalty associated with it, then it saves time and energy, therefore money and "the environment."

Comment Re:But what did Apple want? (Score 1) 401

The original iPod wasn't bulky, but quite the opposite. The form factor was one of its selling points. It was the first gigabyte-order music player to be the size of a deck of cards, since it used a 1.5" drive instead of the 2.5" drives that other HD-based music players had at the time.

Comment Re:My brain/eyes are incompatible with 3D TV/movie (Score 1) 419

Once an xkcd strip is published, it and its alt text become "common knowledge" to the geek public. It should not be necessary to cite something that everyone knows about. (The number of mod points and replies to my post make it extraordinarily clear that the strip's alt text was common knowledge.)

The original post was about Avatar, and the xkcd post was barely a day old. Putting a link at the end of my post would have destroyed the comedic timing.

For completeness' sake, though: CITATION FOR THOSE OUT OF THE LOOP

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