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Comment Re:Is Microsoft the Great Satan? Betteridge says (Score 3, Informative) 573

Ok, but just in this case "opensource" can be substituted by "free software". The only licence i know that is "opensource" but not "free software" is: - NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) There are not licences that arre "free software" but not "opensource". Microsoft is not using "NOSA" so microsoft in this case "opensource" might be substituted by "free software".

Comment David Bravo and Enrique Dans Opinions (Score 2) 65

David Bravo: - The Sinde Law have numerous side effects: introducing a strong legal uncertainty in the regulation of the Internet, seriously hampers the activity of technological entrepreneurs
- The intellectual property landscape in this country is appalling: the Embassy of the United States has imposed the adoption of the Law Sinde - Only intelligence can dialogue and work to resolve the current challenges of intellectual property.

Enrique Dans:
- Obviously not going to help anything.
- To know how to proceed to invalidate any inconvenience that may result in the absurd attempt to block the network, download this simple "Manual of lawlessness Sinde" that hacktivists developed (edited by traffickers Dreams).

(googled-translated, O_o, sorry for that)

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