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Comment Re:not a hoax. (Score 4, Informative) 297

I emailed 3 of my MEP's and I have received this reply form one

Thank you for this. No, Andrew was not aware of this matter; but we have since looked into it and indeed discovered that although a great deal of confusion reigned over the vote in question the extra voters appear not to have affected the material outcome. At any rate, as you know, the final legislative votes will take place in plenary and not in committee, and my Liberal colleagues will ensure that we will table appropriate amendments.

You may be interested, therefore, in my recent proposal to change the rules of procedure of the House to insist on roll call votes at every legislative vote at committee stage (see website).

Thank you again for writing.

Yours sincerely,

Kilian Bourke
Caseworker to
Andrew Duff
Liberal Democrat MEP for the East of England

Comment Custom Service (Score 2) 80

Kobo have excellent customer service. I bought one for my son when I was in the states last year.
My son broke the screen, I told Kobo that it was broken because of misuse and they still replaced it. Paying for both parts of the international shipping. If they where selling them to the UK or I was popping over soon I would buy a Vox.
Kobo make good open standards systems. Maybe a little fragile and cheap feeling but they are cheap and have great customer service.

Comment Re:When photography is outlawed.... (Score 1) 544

So I thought I had posted this but obviously I had not. This happened on the 10th of October this year at the Fulborn Tesco in Cambridge. I will not be shopping at Tesco for the foreseeable future
I wanted to buy some anti-histamines and some painkillers so I ended up buying three tins of chocolates 6 packs of anti-histamines and two packets of paracetamol and two packets of ibuprofen. I did try to buy some more but something happened....
I was using a self service register and they always annoy. So someone came over when I put the third pain killer though the till and they said I wasn’t allowed to buy more than two painkillers in a single transaction. So I completed that transaction and started another one for the next two packets. I completed that and had started another when I was told that I was not allowed to buy any more. I asked why and they said it was company policy.
Basically I ended up being surrounded by the manager for the checkouts, the deputy manger for the store and a security guard. And they wouldn’t let me leave the store with the medicines I had bought, they kept on saying it was against company policy. When the store manager turned up I started recording this on my ipod, I told them I was doing this and they told me to stop because of company policy I refused. I was really shaking and felt very intimidated and unwell I also left my card in the card reader I was so shaken. I have about 10 minutes of audio where they will not let me leave the store with the items I had purchased. I did ask them to ring the police when the said they really were not going to let me out of the shop with the medicines I had bought. Eventually the manager said it was the medicines act and I think he said 1998 but I can only find an 1968 medicines act which googling implies that it limits the drugs that shops which are not pharmacies are allowed to sell. I did then give him the extra packets of paracetamol and ibuprofen but refused a refund as I just wanted to leave the shop. This has really shaken myself and my 10 year old son who was with me up.
Even if I wasn’t allowed to buy the medicines are they allowed to stop me from leaving the building ? I did pop into the police station later in the day to ask if they were allowed to detain me and they said it was a civil mater. I also asked the police if Tesco had rung them and they refused to answer.

Comment Re:Deadlier than the terrorists (Score 1) 681

That is not what they mean, different frequencies are stopped by different amounts of tissue. eg X-Rays are stopped by bone.

The skin image I believe is a product of the scatter. That radiation is an absorbed by the skin is because of the high frequency compared with X-Rays. I believe the accuracy of the image is a product of the frequency as well.


New York To Spend $27.5 Million Uncapitalizing Street Signs 322

250,000 street signs in New York City feature street names in capital letters only, which is not the national standard. Having no other issues on the table, The New York City Department of Transportation has decided to fix the problem and put up proper signs featuring both capital and lower-case letters at a cost of $27.5 million. The Transportation Department hopes to have the job completed by 2018 with 11,000 of the most important improperly capitaled signs fixed by the end of the year. Catastrophe averted.
The Almighty Buck

EA Says Game Development Budgets Have Peaked 157

Gamasutra reports on comments from Electronic Arts VP David Demartini indicating that the company thinks AAA game development budgets are not going to continue their skyward trend. "If [a developer] happens to make a lot of money based on that budget, great for them. If they come up short and have to cover some of it — y'know, they'll be smarter the next time they do it. That's kind of the approach that we take to it." Certainly this has something to do with a few major economic flops in the games industry lately, such as the cancellation of This Is Vegas after an estimated $50 million had been dumped into the project. Another example is the anemic response to APB, an MMO with a budget rumored to be as high as $100 million. Poor sales and reviews caused developer Realtime Worlds to enter insolvency and lay off a large portion of the development team.

Comment Re:NetApp (Score 2, Informative) 231

There is lots of things I agree with in this post however.... They do just work and they keep on working

uptime 10:07pm up 634 days, 2:48 15108652057 NFS ops, 2183855307 CIFS ops, 3315 HTTP ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops

Ontap 8.0 in 7 mode does support up to 90TB in a single aggregate. However given that I am evaluating systems that scale to petabytes in a single filesystem....

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