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Comment: Re: Politician thanks company for doing his job (Score 1) 137

by module0000 (#47642369) Attached to: Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces

Whenever I point this out to a teacher (like my spouse), that they get pay on par with year-round workers, they give the boilerplate response "But we only get paid for the days we work! Not the entire year!".

Which means given an 8 hour workday, instead of making $24 an hour(for a 52 week year), they are actually making $32 an hour. This is under "underpaid" at all.

TLDR; Teachers make much more per-hour than people assume, and they do not like it at all when this is pointed out.

Comment: Re:This is just a repeat (Score 1) 282

Never let pride get in the way of sound business sense. If my options were working the grill at Arbies or Microsoft, the next words out of my mouth would be "Yes Mr Balmer, laying off all us slackers really taught us a lesson sir. Would you like me to buff all your golf clubs now?"

Sad advice but still very good advice. The "to hell with them" crowd is likely too young to know that pride gets in the way of providing for your family, and swallowing your pride is vastly easier than being foreclosed on.

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I wish I had mod points - you are absolutely correct.

I often go to the Deep South where I have family, and so many people are morbidly obese that no one bats an eye any more, and if you did confront people about their weight, they would say "Oh, uh, it must be a thyroid problem".

No one wants to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and obesity is one of those consequences.

Comment: Re:Will this "War on Terrorism" ever end . . . ? (Score 4, Insightful) 349

I don't think the powers that be would like it to ever end. The expression "War is Peace" sums this long as there is a constant threat of war(in this case, "terrorism"), the populace can be made to accept nearly any unreasonable demand in the name of that defending against that threat.

Imagine if you are the commander of a military force - would you rather a mediocre budget because of peacetime? Or would you rather have a "buy anything and everything no questions asked" mandate because of the imminent threat of war? This also appeals to the sense of power the government leaders have - it allows them a constant state of martial law, effectively letting them act with impunity while "defending us" from war(or in this case, imminent terrorism).

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This is not for "OS" use.. it's meant to be installed on a media-center style box in your living room by your TV. The only interaction with it is meant to be through a controller - it's not for you to compile code on, instead it's for your kid to pick up a controller and start a game without any "computer" work. It's a pretty cool idea when you think about it, let people build their own "console gaming systems", and just give them a nice OS that will drive them.

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by module0000 (#45658179) Attached to: High-Frequency Trading For Your Private Data

I wish the consumers would get the hell off *all* our lawns. I only want to deal with enthusiasts and know, people as interesting as we are to ourselves. The rest of the users should come up with their own watered down "internet" of facebook and similar bullshit. Oh wait...don't know how? Brain full of sports statistics and beer preferences? Think sockets and ports are car-mechanic terminology? Too bad, you lose, GTFO. The unwashed masses were the worst thing to ever happen to the internet, and I really wish they piss off - kindly or otherwise. Just leave.

The "golden days" main appeal to me was that due to the technical difficulty of connecting to what people refer to as the internet(or ARPAnet then), ruled out the possibility of 99.999% of the current users ever having a chance at participating. *Sigh*, if only it could have stayed that way. I realize every idiots likes to feel "involved", and is thrilled to death to be here with their cat pictures and facebook "likes"...but really? They contribute nothing but e-commerce dollars and ad-views to companies of superior business cunning and intellect. Good for the companies I suppose, but bad for the enthusiats and engineers forced to breath the same air.

I realize this is just a big "get off my lawn" post...but really, get off ALL our lawns. It's disgusting, all of them are disgusting. This must be how genocidal maniacs felt about the cultures they were butchering - I *hate* them, can't stand them, and wish all the worst for them. Not sure how it's gotten this way, but for some reason I'm mainlining the Haterade(tm) on their account at this moment.

TLDR; I like the type of website you describe. A hobbyist and generally intelligent human is the only person who should have a right to be here.

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