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Comment: Re:Will this "War on Terrorism" ever end . . . ? (Score 4, Insightful) 349

I don't think the powers that be would like it to ever end. The expression "War is Peace" sums this long as there is a constant threat of war(in this case, "terrorism"), the populace can be made to accept nearly any unreasonable demand in the name of that defending against that threat.

Imagine if you are the commander of a military force - would you rather a mediocre budget because of peacetime? Or would you rather have a "buy anything and everything no questions asked" mandate because of the imminent threat of war? This also appeals to the sense of power the government leaders have - it allows them a constant state of martial law, effectively letting them act with impunity while "defending us" from war(or in this case, imminent terrorism).

Comment: Re:GNOME? (Score 1) 211

by module0000 (#45670837) Attached to: SteamOS Will Be Available For Download On December 13

This is not for "OS" use.. it's meant to be installed on a media-center style box in your living room by your TV. The only interaction with it is meant to be through a controller - it's not for you to compile code on, instead it's for your kid to pick up a controller and start a game without any "computer" work. It's a pretty cool idea when you think about it, let people build their own "console gaming systems", and just give them a nice OS that will drive them.

Comment: Re:SUCK A COCK (Score 1) 75

by module0000 (#45658179) Attached to: High-Frequency Trading For Your Private Data

I wish the consumers would get the hell off *all* our lawns. I only want to deal with enthusiasts and know, people as interesting as we are to ourselves. The rest of the users should come up with their own watered down "internet" of facebook and similar bullshit. Oh wait...don't know how? Brain full of sports statistics and beer preferences? Think sockets and ports are car-mechanic terminology? Too bad, you lose, GTFO. The unwashed masses were the worst thing to ever happen to the internet, and I really wish they piss off - kindly or otherwise. Just leave.

The "golden days" main appeal to me was that due to the technical difficulty of connecting to what people refer to as the internet(or ARPAnet then), ruled out the possibility of 99.999% of the current users ever having a chance at participating. *Sigh*, if only it could have stayed that way. I realize every idiots likes to feel "involved", and is thrilled to death to be here with their cat pictures and facebook "likes"...but really? They contribute nothing but e-commerce dollars and ad-views to companies of superior business cunning and intellect. Good for the companies I suppose, but bad for the enthusiats and engineers forced to breath the same air.

I realize this is just a big "get off my lawn" post...but really, get off ALL our lawns. It's disgusting, all of them are disgusting. This must be how genocidal maniacs felt about the cultures they were butchering - I *hate* them, can't stand them, and wish all the worst for them. Not sure how it's gotten this way, but for some reason I'm mainlining the Haterade(tm) on their account at this moment.

TLDR; I like the type of website you describe. A hobbyist and generally intelligent human is the only person who should have a right to be here.

Comment: Re:I am confused. (Score 2, Insightful) 52

by module0000 (#45632637) Attached to: Meet Paunch: the Accused Author of the BlackHole Exploit Kit

You're not buying the skeleton of the kit - you're buying the kit equipped with the latest 0-days to be effective. The last thing you'd want to do after you pay thousands for a 0-day exploit and the kit as a payload - is give it away. Then it's in the wild and antivirus is going to protect against it.

Comment: Re:Limited uses. (Score 1) 183

by module0000 (#45629767) Attached to: Intel SSD Roadmap Points To 2TB Drives Arriving In 2014

Only way to get it done within the backup window - 40-50 clients at a time, out of ~750. The idea is to get as close to 100% capacity for network/IO as possible, without creating a backlog. Ideally, with an unlimited budget we could just double or triple our backup destinations, but that's not an option right now.

Comment: Re:Limited uses. (Score 2) 183

by module0000 (#45628965) Attached to: Intel SSD Roadmap Points To 2TB Drives Arriving In 2014

I'm not quite sure exactly where these would be used, other than in niche systems that need large amounts of local, superfast storage.

Wireless access to a NAS? You've got it backwards _you_ are the 'niche'. Every NAS I touch is connected via 10GB, and in some cases bonded 10GB lines that aggregate to 40-50GBS. We don't want these for playing warcraft at home - we want them for work.

Example: I have NAS's as storage targets for backup daemons that receive 40-50 simultaneous backup streams from clients. Each stream can average 120-150 mBytes/sec on it's own; usually the network link is the bottleneck. Even if we pack several dozen 15k SAS drives in the bays - they can't handle that without the network buffer backlogging waiting on disk IO. Solutions like larger and faster SSD's fix these business problems for us.

Comment: Re:weird gateway currency (Score 1) 276

by module0000 (#45618075) Attached to: This Whole Bitcoin Thing Could Be Big, Says Bank of America

BoA is a household name as a bank (and everyone knows they are rotten to the core). That household name status would make people feel like bitcoin is more "real" though, since they can goto their neighborhood BoA to cash out or buy in, etc. This would be a huge step towards de-anonymizing BTC transactions - linking real humans to all those block chain transactions. Very very bad.

Comment: Re:Developing software (Score 2) 453

by module0000 (#45594727) Attached to: The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!

Unless you are stress testing the latest and greatest PC games, very little development in my experience requires sustained high CPU frequencies. A lot of development requires little more than Notepad++ which I've got some decade old laptops that do quite well with that.

Are you talking about web development? Compiling moderate to large c/c++ projects will send the fans into non-stop high gear and turn a laptop into a hot plate. Not fun.

Comment: Re:Change the business model (Score 1) 117

by module0000 (#45580613) Attached to: Copyright Takedown Requests to Google Doubled In 2013

This model is wrong, and unfair. Google+YouTube should have a much stronger financial disincentive in place against facilitating rights violations, at least to the point where they are more proactive about it and don't simply wait for takedown notices to flow in. In other words, yes, the DMCA actually doesn't go far enough.

Why? Would you like more ads, or perhaps you would like to pay a subscription fee to access Goole+YouTube? Labor is not free. How do you propose they pay the people who will implement your suggestions?

Also, so that myself and other copyright holders can empathize with you....what copyrighted works of yours have they abused? I mean, it would be rather illogical for someone who holds 0 copyrights to post your comment. Certainly you have created something of worth(that happens to be copyrighted), and you aren't just a troll.

Comment: Re:Get an Amateur Radio license (Score 1) 582

by module0000 (#45561275) Attached to: The Dismantling of POTS: Bold Move Or Grave Error?

Came here to say this same thing. An inexpensive solar panel and handheld transistor solves this problem.

You can talk to your neighboring towns, other operators, and [in a real emergency, FCC regs out the window] anyone with a FM/AM radio turned on. If you have a appropriate antenna and power, you can talk to the other side of the planet. Why don't more people get into amateur radio? It's terribly practical.

If you don't mind getting the FCC at your doorstep, you could even transmit to the ISS and complain about your local emergency :)

Comment: Re: Manjaro rolling release (Score 4, Interesting) 346

by module0000 (#45546267) Attached to: The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu

Have you tried dealing with major transitions in a rolling release? e.g. sysvinit to systemd or upstart? Non-SELinux to SELinux? Rolling releases do not(or historically have failed) to manage this gracefully. Remember when Arch switched to systemd? Fun times....

I get it though; glad it's working for you. I love rolling releases as well [at home], and it beats the grind of a major version upgrade - hoping your /home plays nicely. It's also appropriate you mentioned "non-enterprise". You can imagine it's difficult for a software company to say "we will support product X on distribution Y for N years" when Y is changing with a rolling release cycle.

Comment: Re:Wrong benchmark (Score 2) 49

by module0000 (#45500573) Attached to: Cloud Storage Comparison: Benchmarking From Afar

EncFS fits really nicely on dropbox. It avoids the whole every-change-causes-full-resync problem of using TrueCrypt.

Of course, that may just alert the NSA to your presence faster when you have a big glob of data they can't get at. Somewhere, someone picks up a $5 wrench and starts driving in your direction...

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