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Comment Prescott Pharmaceuticals, the side effects maybe.. (Score 1, Troll) 228

Prescott Pharmaceuticals, says the side effects from dumping the reduction of Vagisil into Gardasil into the ocean may include: meaty run off, star shower toe, fickle rectum, and nunya dolphin*.

*nunya dolphin means none-of-ya-damn-business-about-the-damn-dolphin-death so we are sealing it for confidentiality.

Remember - Prescott Pharmaceuticals, good for what ails your smelly dolphin.

Comment Crowd funding is not a store, but a gamble.. (Score 2) 211

Even though places like Kickstarter really try to make it look like some sort of store the projects are all gambles. There are a few areas that seem to have it down right (books, comics, etc) and I have had success, but tech stuff? *low whistle* You have to approach those different.

Neal Stephenson's 'Clang' comes to mind.

Comment A new app for the market - post mortum wiping! (Score 1) 96

It's a simple plan.. your iWatch monitors your biometrics, right? When you die it kicks off an app to wipe all your browser history, and the special chip/drive where you store your porn gets shattered into a million pieces. No more embarrassed children, spouses, or friends when your dirty dirty secrets come to life after yours has left.

Comment Let's be clear - this is a school for *HIS* kids.. (Score 2) 234

What is missing from the discussion is Musk wanted to make a "home, but not home-home" school for his kids and decided to rope a few other parents along for the ride.

Elon Musk didn't like his kids' school, so he started his own,
Ad Astra School is "very small and experimental," and caters to a small group of children whose parents are primarily SpaceX employee
Musk pulled his kids out of their school and even hired one of their teachers away to start Ad Astra.

I am not sure if this is partial reaction from his youthful years being bullied in South Africa, or the private school his kiddos were going to did not live up to Musk's standards, but I would be critical of educational coverage and results.

Comment Mostly Visual Studios, but occasionally Eclipse.. (Score 1) 443

I'm a .NET guy working in a .NET shop, and Visual Studios is part and parcel for my days. Occasionally I'll flip to Eclipse for php and java work, but any more VS is getting better about dealing with the those too so, hopefully, in the near future I won't have to.

At home it's VS as well - typically for my python and other side work.

With the wave of plugins and templates available - as well as an ever expanding reach for new languages bolted in - Visual Studios is becoming hard to beat. Unity support, Minecraft mod support, actual python, web dev, etc. Heck - the Community Edition is now supporting localized reports (for free!) so that's a major plus. Also the snippet system is nice to fill in with repeated code chunks.

Comment What's that say about those judging? (Score 4, Insightful) 461

I have an AOL email I still use depending on the need, and use it as a barometer to judge folks I give it to. If someone balks and throws a douche-fit about an email address I really am not interested in dealing with them. It has not caused me to miss out on employment or side work, but the mild concern is there.

It's been my email for about two-dog ages, and I rather not run the issue of changing over everything that goes there.. monitor it for another few months for stragglers.. and then close it.

It's an email address people. I never had the cool Transformer's lunchbox, or nor the best Saved by the Bell TrapperKeeper and I survived.

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