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Comment: Re:Why ODF? (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Not really, if everyone used Word with ODF then everyone has the same level of compatibility. Or they can save some licensing cash and replace it Open/Libre Office.

Unless they're an Excel junkie the average civil servant probably won't even notice. And the UK government shouldn't be allowed to use Excel

Comment: Re:Why do you want that in a laptop? (Score 1) 477

The battery is usually the first thing to wear out on a laptop, and others are the hard drive (not sure about SSDs though), the CPU fans, the hinges and the catch in my experiece. Software also tends to need more memory over time. It should be reasonably painless to make this happen..

Comment: Re:Jesus H. Christ Luvs Microsoft (Score 1) 629

by moderators_are_w*nke (#44580965) Attached to: Google Blocks YouTube App On Windows Phone (Again)

Is more competition in the mobile market not a good thing? The prevailing attitude on a lot of forums at the moment seems to be that everyone should just buy Android and be done with it. We went this way with Windows 20 years ago and I think most people would agree it was not a good thing.

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