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Comment Re:attention (Score 1) 135

I agree but... yeah, depends on the group and circumstances. I was just at an outdoor party a couple of days ago and everything was going ok until the group I was part of launched a horribly racist/xenophobic conversation. There was no way I'd get into that argument so I just distanced myself a bit and started dicking around with my phone. Meanwhile the other group was engaged in an obnoxious drunken conversation.

What I really have a problem though is when someone pulls out their phone while I'm mid-sentence talking to them without so much as "sorry gotta take it" or something (because of course it's stupid facebook bullshit), and just proceed to text something. What the fuck. If you don't want to talk to me then just don't.

So yeah I'd say phones are inappropriate at social events but there are clear exceptions to the rule.

Comment Re:Nice. (Score 1) 238

So you think somehow the gangs of LA are going to magically protect you from someone driving a garbage truck full of explosives into your neighbourhood or from a stranger walking up to you hacking at your head with a machete?

The OP was probably referring to LAPD. But your point still stands, admittedly.

Comment Re:This is not some nefarious plot (Score 2) 114

I thought this stuff was common knowledge, and I just fucked around with OpenGl a little.

Basically as you said in the initial post, the driver developers constantly need to write special cases for various games so that they work correctly and users don't whine on their forums. Either because the game developers are doing something crazy and/or stupid, or if they really encountered an edge case.

Comment Re:Sample questions (Score 1) 149

Those sound like school math test questions, not job interview ones.

Estimate how many infidels there are in the middle east right now that need killing.

Please talk about a time you had a disagreement with a Shia colleague and how you handled it?

How many sticks of dynamite can you fit in a Peugeot sedan? Before the suspension starts to visibly sag?

Explain Jihad to an 8-year old in 3 sentences or fewer.

Is your job running? You'd better go catch it!