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Comment: Re:oh good grief (Score 1) 799

by mobby_6kl (#48877209) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

And that's hardly a secret. Designing a pleasant engine and exhaust sound has been around forever and everyone (appliance manufacturers excluded) is doing it. What is fairly new however is straight up faking it by playing pre-recorded audio through the sound system. At this point I think it's time to give up and admit that you're in a crappy 3-cylinder diesel shitbox that sounds like a tractor.

Comment: Re:Rent seeking (Score 1) 568

by mobby_6kl (#48868179) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade

Yep, and my citation is watching the stream. They did mention "windows as a service" or something like that, which is what got misinterpreted, but it was fairly clearly referring to a whole larger infrastructure with Onedrive and other cloud crap, various mobile devices tying together to provide a comprehensive "service" to the users.

Comment: Re:It's not your phone (Score 1) 610

>Seems to me that the problem is people wanting to complain over nothing. So what if an album (and it's not like it's something offensive) gets added to your iTunes account as a 'purchased' product?

Excuse me, you do realize we're talking about U2 here? That's not something I'd want my friends or coworkers see in my library.

Comment: Re:What a bunch of pansies (Score 1) 409

Do you really believe the USA governments health agency carries an US citizen into the US if it was not perfectly safe? In what paranoia 1984 world do you live?

Is that the same USA governements health agency that deliberately withheld treatment and information about syphilis from infected patients to see what would happen, or a different one? That was a while ago so probably not. But perhaps it was the one that exposes its scientists to anthrax? Or avian influenza? Or leaves smallpox samples chill in a random warehouse?

It's perfectly safe guys, please move along!

Comment: Re:Considering his history... (Score 1) 144

Do you like movies about ponies?

Yeah. I don't really dislike superhero movies, but honestly the constant stream of super avenger-men movies made the whole thing kind of boring. It's like when all games were WW2 FPSes, except worse because Nazis are more interesting than comic book villains.

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