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Journal: Mozilla 1.0 RC1

Journal by mnordstr

Well, the cvsroot has been tagged for MZ 1.0 RC1, and builds are currently being made. For the impatient ones, checkout the RC1 code from the cvs and compile it yourself. I'm doing it right now, and I'll have my RC1 running when the rest are trying to get the builds before the servers get completely /.ed. =)


Journal: Mozilla is great!

Journal by mnordstr

I must say, Mozilla is really becoming great!
I just love the custom keyword feature, now I actually can type in /. in the url bar, and arrive at =)


Journal: Microsoft Store Offline After Insecurity Exposed

Journal by mnordstr
I ran across this article at Newsbytes which shows that not even Microsoft's "skilled" programmers can make safe web applications for their insecure software.

"An online store operated by Microsoft Corp. [NASDAQ: MSFT] for software developers was unavailable today following reports that a security flaw gave visitors the ability to take control of the site, including access of customer data.
The Microsoft Developer Store, located at , used an insecure script to enable users to search for products in a Microsoft SQL database, according to an advisory posted today by an Argentinean security researcher to an online security mailing list.
As a result of the vulnerability, malicious users could have caused the Microsoft server to execute any command, according to the message posted to Vuln-Dev by Cesar Cerrudo."

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