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Comment: Re:"Guilty conscience" (Score 1) 790

by mnky-33 (#28592531) Attached to: Bugatti's Latest Veyron, Most Ridiculous Car on the Planet?

Yeah, like they gonna sell millions of these. Keep your commie green cool aid to yourself, eh, monkey boy?!

"Commie" is a bit inappropriate, considering the immense environmental damage caused by communist regimes. It kinda figures, considering that they were all about "progress", technology and industrial "victory". The Nazis, OTOH, were relatively "green", at least in theory. Hitler was even a vegetarian (sort of). Cue Godwin!

I'm fed up of this "Hitler was a veggie" myth. It isn't true. His doctors attempted to make him switch to an all veg diet to cure his flatulence, but he never did.

Comment: Too late in the game (Score 4, Insightful) 210

by mnky-33 (#28195797) Attached to: Sony Unveils PS3 Motion Controller
Microsoft and Sony's new technologies are just appearing, halfway through the product life cycle. This means they'll be, what, 3 good games using this hardware. Just look at headsets. Sony didn't include one and so many games don't support such a fundamentally important piece of online play. This'll wind up in the dumpster next to the Playstation Eye and other such technologies.

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"