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Comment Re: No concept of Ashley-Madison (Score 4, Funny) 148

i get all kinds of lingerie and bra ads on my chrome browser because my wife surfs this stuff at home on safari. sometimes big fredricks of hollywood ads at work

At our house it's only me, my wife and the cat. I'm seeing ads for something called "Ashley-Madison". Are they related to Dolly-Madison cupcakes?

Comment List the companies with paidfor reviews (Score 1) 125

Just put a little popup next to the company name stating "In the past this company has paid reviewers for positive reviews. The veracity of the reviews below cannot be confirmed or denied."

Besides the scarlet letter on the offending company, I'm guessing this will have the side-effect of scaring away any potential legitimate reviewer who would not want to be mistaken for a shill. The company learns a valuable lesson in honesty which will be forgotten in 8 seconds.

Comment China has the goods on Mr Bolden (Score 2) 63

Your friendly neighborhood Chinese govt has the background info on many US govt employees. Just for a sec, suppose there is something in there that, if leaked to the public at large, could cause embarrasment for Mr. Bolden and subsequently for NASA. Suppose the friendly Chinese govt contacted Mr. Bolden and "requested" his assistance in promoting cooperation between the US and the friendly Chinese govt. Just a crazy theory. Obviously cant be true. The friendly Chinese govt are everyones bestest friend in the whole world.

Comment Re: Fuck Islam. Muslims are SATANIC (Score 1) 184

...one of 7 levels/arrows for successfully embedding into geometry of space (7 axes of symmetry through tetra-cube which is the physics of the origins of @lph@b3ts)

I could almost follow some of that. Part of me wants to ask WTF you been smokin but another part of me wants more info. I just hope this doesnt have anything to do with scientology.

Comment Re: Flash is dead, long live Flash! (Score 1) 229

I still see a lot of business-related content dependant on Flash. I'm guessing that the companies that use it are aware of the security problems imposed by Flash. They just have to make security a higher priority than profit margins. Besides, if it aint broke, dont fix it. What if the guy that wrote all the Flash and Actionscript got downsized/outsourced and nobody can figure out WTF his code does?

Comment Re: Idea stolen from nazi germany (Score 1) 576

I thought that tattooing was generally confined to Auschwitz, but you've got the general idea. It was a way to keep track of prisoners so that camp officials could monitor and report on process improvement. The process being the extermination of human beings. Just thinking about it makes me feel like vomiting.

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