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Comment: I care about voice latency and audio quality, not (Score 2) 217

by mnemotronic (#46550795) Attached to: Oppo's New Phone Hits 538 PPI
While a screen with decent resolution is nice, I really need (not want -- NEED) a phone with good vocal quality and zero latency on the voice side. Show me a phone, encoding scheme, network and carrier with _that_ and I'll sign a life membership. I have googled my pants off for "cell phone voice latency" test results with no meaningful hits. The conspiracy-theorist part of me says the cell phone mfgrs & carriers all know how horrible they are when compared to landline so they've agreed to not test or not alert the consumer to this measurement.

Comment: Just in time for the Superbowl... (Score 1) 253

by mnemotronic (#45996717) Attached to: How would you use science to innovate upon sports?
Quarterback gets a transparent eye shield that has graphical display capability. essentially a heads-up display. It's fed by a system that is monitoring & analyzing the position, velocity, acceleration and direction of everyone on the field. As the QB drops back to pass, the system calculates the position of all possible receivers and defenders, analyzes the rushers, determines how much time the QB will have given his current situation, rejects any receivers with a low probability of success and displays the most likely receivers along with the suggested ball trajectory to the QB, taking into account his head position. The QB sees graphical representations of the target receivers and defenders corrected for distance and any intervening players, along with a vector thats indicates "throw this direction this hard".

Comment: Not by choice in my case (Score 1) 138

by mnemotronic (#45769745) Attached to: Percentage of Self-Employed IT Workers Increasing
I'd prefer to be FTE, but RIFs happen. My wife is disabled and has some chronic ("pre-existing conditions") health problems so I need a good health-care program + long-term disability ins. Historically that's been through my employer. Currently through COBRA at $1150/mo, going to $1300/mo in 2014. ACA aka Obama-care may help - we're trying to find out but it is complex. I wonder what'll happen when all the technology workers who are tied to a job because of health coverage are no longer dependent on their employer for medical insurance? Retire to Costa-Rica? Join the Peace Corps? Become artists?

Comment: You mean somebody else got my beer and prophylacti (Score 1) 378

On this week's episode of "Drones Gone Bad": * Kim Khardashian mistakenly receives copy of Iyana Vanzant's "Forgiveness: 21 Days To Forgive Everyone For Everything". Says "Who reads this kind of catshi*?". * "I was running low but now I'm good for another week" says Catholic priest after wayward drone delivers 6 cases of sherry. * Slippery swap: Gay couple receives unscented lube; straight couple gets lavender scented lube. Partners accuse each other of fence-jumping.

Comment: Re: Duh! (Score 1) 214

by mnemotronic (#45185817) Attached to: Are We Socially Ready For Wearable Computing?
I think the gist of the article is that the current social norms will have to evolve if we want to integrate continuous data feed with real human interaction. Many of the judgmental reactions of other responders ("a-hole", "rude", "inconsiderate", etc) demonstrate our strong cultural bias for exclusivity in direct, inter-personal interaction and the resentment we feel when we perceive that our presence has suddenly, and without warning, been deprioritized by the other party. Nobody wants to think that they are less important that a slashdot RSS feed or a text msg, and to have another human imply that is, within the context of current social "rules", offensive. That's one of the attitudes that would need to evolve.

Comment: Estimates, balance, juggling (Score 1) 473

by mnemotronic (#45173331) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Hardest Things Programmers Have To Do?
(excuse funky format. Slashdot fnorks up my Android kbd) For me... #1 is accurate time estimates. I can usually guess the time to write the code. What I fail to take into account is time for emails, meetings, documentation and training. New rule is best estimate +40%. #2 work/life balance. Putting in more than the basic 40/wk for any company is stoopid. The company *does* care if i work myself to death on their behalf -- it saves them the effort of RIFfing me. #3 juggling, aka task switching. all the studies indicate this is a time sink for jobs requiring concentration. I'm poster child (ok, poster geez) for multitasking deficiency syndrome.

Comment: The myth of companies doing "more" with fewer work (Score 1) 754

Many corporations over-RIFed and continue to do so. What they discovered is that many of 'those who chose to remain with the company' (as my former employer put it after a 27% RIF) work more hours for the same salary. Problem solved! Bonuses for all execs!

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