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Comment: It's a right-wing government conspiracy! (Score 3, Funny) 134

by mmell (#47747263) Attached to: 13-Year-Old Finds Fungus Deadly To AIDS Patients Growing On Trees
1) Create a disease which targets gays, blacks and IV drug users. Check.

2) Disseminate a fungus which grows on trees so we can target those left-wing tree-huggers. Check.

3) ???

4) Profit!!!

Damnit - I forgot the part where we nuke the whales. Oh, well - nothing's perfect.

Comment: Re:Why can't hydrogen cool? (Score 1) 55

by mmell (#47726553) Attached to: The Star That Exploded At the Dawn of Time
I know that hyperexpansion is the most widely accepted theory these days to account for our observations of the Universe's size, density and composition, but it is not universally accepted and (for obvious reasons) not proven - at least not yet.

I personally have doubts. After all, we can't observe the "edge" of the Universe now, only where the "edge" was some fourteen billion years ago. That "light cone" problem also sorta puts a damper on how detailed an observation we can make. Not saying it's a bad theory, just that I'm having a hard time seeing how it's falsifiable. Besides, everyone knows it's turtles all the way down . . .

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 93

by mmell (#47684383) Attached to: Not Just For ThinkPads Anymore: Lenovo Gets OK To Buy IBM Server Line
Server: IMHO, a data processing system responsible for providing a service.

Enterprise grade hardware: IMHO, got nothing to do with "Server" above. But if you're business relies upon the "Server", you should run it on "Enterprise grade hardware".

You want to run your own web server in your cubicle, or or living room? Hey, consumerized commodity hardware is fine. You want me to bet my paycheck as well as my co-workers'? I insist on Enterprise grade hardware. Actually, I insist on more - but this is the part that's pertinent to this thread.

Comment: "...the weather can be brutal..." (Score 1) 102

by mmell (#47625983) Attached to: Why Bhutan Might Get Drone Delivery Copters Before Seattle Does
If the weather is severe enough to delay ground traffic, what are the odds that a drone will be capable of flight/navigation? A full-sized, manned aircraft has fairly specific limitations (crosswind, turbulence, etc.) within which safe operation is possible. While there's at least one less life at risk (the pilot's), I can only imagine that current drones are even more tightly limited - not so much by legislation as by simple physics. If your aircraft has a maximum airspeed of 20kts, any wind exceeding that automatically grounds your drone fleet (unless you're into one-way missions). I've always nursed a pet suspicion that this is what caused John Denver's death - he was flying an ultralight; if the offshore winds ("Santa Anna", I think?) exceeded the maximum airspeed of his ultralight, he probably spent the last few moments of his life watching the shore get further and further away - with no way to rescue himself or radio for help (I don't believe ultralights carry an aviation comms stack).

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