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Comment: Re:why is this needed? (Score 1) 106

It's not just that. To my understanding, the cargo versions also don't use docking ports since none of the docking ports is large enough (max. 0.8m) to transfer really large cargo items. The drawback is that none of the berthing ports (which have a much more useful 1.27 m diameter) can be connected to or disconnected from with an uncooperating and/or unmanned station, so it's lousy for people stuff (lifeboat escape, connecting to station without crew etc.).

Comment: Re:Lots of weird crap coming out of Congress latel (Score 1) 457

by K. S. Kyosuke (#49194469) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills

And yet claims were being made from it, demands that policy and law be shaped because of it, and you would have us believe that 15 years ago, it was all infantile studies not worthy of that? And yes, I said 15 years, you seem to be fixated on 25 years (probably because of when you were converted).

As studies get expanded, results get more precise. Some policies can be drawn from older studies and are available from an early date, but other policy recommendations require further studies. What's so difficult to understand about that?

It is completely relevant as it was being used to impose changes and this is exactly what the repeatability and availability requirements are for.

IPCC uses a wide range of studies to arrive at policy recommendations, not one study from a single institution such as the CRU, and beyond that, I've already mentioned that the CRU results weren't invalidated by any investigation. So what is it that you're arguing for here? Either including the CRU results (if they're valid) or excluding them (if they aren't) won't change anything.

It doesn't matter where I stand but I'm calling your actions religious as you seem more bent out of shape about anything making it look bad than any fundie I have seen when you throw evolution in their face. You are completely skirting issues and talking past them trying to imagine how that makes things perfect now or something. It's the functional equivalent of "the bible says".

I "seem more bent out of shape about anything making it look bad"? I'm not sure I understand that, but I'm simply arguing that if claims that make something look bad are later found to be invalid, there's no point in perpetuating them. Had those claims been vindicated, that obviously would have been a reason for taking steps against the CRU. You still haven't said what I'm "skirting". We've already concluded that the claims about CRU were found to be unfounded, what else is there to discuss?

No, it's arguing that just because a person had to go to court to face charges proves that people suspected him of committing the crimes.

You can suspect anything about anyone. That's no reason to take action before the truth is found out. Regarding "suspicions", see below.

I never said their claims were valid, I said they were created by the mistrust caused by the lack of transparency.

Except they weren't. Climate change deniers don't need any reason for mistrust. Even with full transparency, they'd still throw accusations at climate scientists that they're conning people to get grants. They're doing that all the time. They were doing that even before the CRU "affair". So that wouldn't prevent the problem in the first place

Comment: Re:Lots of weird crap coming out of Congress latel (Score 1) 457

by K. S. Kyosuke (#49194371) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills

Are we to ignore those years when the information wasn't available and those opinions and positions were formed?

The information wasn't available 25 years ago for the simple reason that this was a different line of research that would happen in the future. I'm sure there will also be a lot of research going on 15 years from now but that doesn't mean we can't draw any conclusions now.

No one was trying to create or shape public law with Rosetta probe photos. No one was or is trying to take freedoms away with them either.

That is irrelevant since nobody forces you to shape public law with CRU's research either. You're perfectly free to completely ignore CRU even exists, and the relevant scientific landscape won't change.

Nobody cares about when you found religion. It's not important and others not finding it at the exact same time is not important either.

If you're calling accepted research performed by multiple independent parties over many decades as "religion", it's obvious 1) where you stand and 2) that any reasonable discussion with you is out of question. Is evolution "a religion"? Is general relativity "a religion"? What kind of science isn't "a religion" to you?

It appears we cannot because you cannot even stay on topic in the first place.

The topic you raised was people (those "skeptics" you talked of) unqualified to make judgments on that affair because they lack either the necessary knowledge, intellect, or both. (And if not, pray tell, what else was the topic?)

Hell, the fact that there had to be an investigation and declaration by multiple sources proves my point

That's like arguing that just because a person had to go to court to face charges proves the prosecutor's point. It's utter rubbish.

Comment: Re:Lots of weird crap coming out of Congress latel (Score 1) 457

by K. S. Kyosuke (#49194169) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills

You however appear to be dismissing the years of shrouded appearances of impropriety that fueled skepticism about global warming as if it never happened because nothing technically happened that was wrong. It completely misses the entire issue of mistrust it caused a lot of people to generate.

Except that as I have demonstrated, that is a logically wrong conclusion to make.

Hmm.. using semantics to deny the obvious. Well, I guess this thread is about the appearance of deceit and proprietary.

Without semantics, sentences are meaningless, even grammatically correct ones. You can't NOT use semantics in communication. I'm not sure what your point is there.

I Specifically said it created two classes of skeptics that would not be skeptical and mistrustful today had it been open and available.

Researchers don't often print or show or present everything. Especially if ongoing research is involved. The Rosetta probe photos, for example, also have a period in which they're available only to the PI's team so that someone else wouldn't steal their thunder before they publish. There's nothing inappropriate about that, especially if you have dozens of lines of independent research about the same going on in different places.

the fact that there are people right now who are considered skeptics who would not be if the information was not withheld or shrouded by secrecy in the past.

Nothing was "withheld" or "shrouded by secrecy" when I made my decision a quarter century ago. ANYONE could have done so at that point. So how is it relevant?

The rest of your drivel is off topic to my point. I do not care about it one bit at all.

You don't care about people doing flawed reasoning? How can we have any serious discussion on any topic, then?

Comment: Re: What a wonderful name! (Score 1) 256

Oops! I misread your comment. I thought $0.19/kWh was unsubsidized prices, not subsidies themselves. Well, Fraunhofer predicts for 2030 the fall of German offshore wind LCOE to $0.13/kWh or so. Either the technology needs development, or in the UK, there are different conditions, or both. That it is quite expensive at the moment not just in the UK is beyond dispute.

Comment: Re:Lots of weird crap coming out of Congress latel (Score 1) 457

by K. S. Kyosuke (#49193989) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills

Accusations of this were made several times and denied but someone hacked into the email servers and released a bunch of email showing them discussing withholding the information. Now it is said that the original raw data does not exist any more nor does the methods and processes used to correct irregularities of it.

Interesting, but the first link shows that CRU scientists would be lousy lawyers, and the second is unrelated to CRU completely. And now for a dose of facts about the CRU affair:

The British House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee investigated the matter and concluded: "Within our limited inquiry and the evidence we took, the scientific reputation of Professor Jones and CRU remains intact. We have found no reason in this unfortunate episode to challenge the scientific consensus as expressed by Professor Beddington, that 'global warming is happening [and] that it is induced by human activity'."

The Independent Climate Change Email Review team investigated the matter and concluded: "On the specific allegations made against the behaviour of CRU scientists, we find that their rigour and honesty as scientists are not in doubt. In addition, we do not find that their behaviour has prejudiced the balance of advice given to policy makers. In particular, we did not find any evidence of behaviour that might undermine the conclusions of the IPCC assessments."

Lord Oxburgh’s independent panel investigated the matter and found "absolutely no evidence of any impropriety whatsoever"

The US Environmental Protection Agency investigated the matter and stated that they "reviewed every e-mail and found this was simply a candid discussion of scientists working through issues that arise in compiling and presenting large complex data sets. Four other independent reviews came to similar conclusions."

And so on and so on. Should I continue? More or less, the worst thing anyone in possession of facts has to say about the CRU scientists is that they suck at communicating. Bummer, but not an uncommon one.

Now, I know you are a global warming pusher

No, I'm not a global warming pusher, CO2 is a global warming pusher. I have no interest in contributing to global warming.

and have your own beliefs but this is not about you in the slightest.

No, it isn't. It's about you and presumably some other people apparently being unable to grasp basic principles of reasoning. Even if if you found out evidence of gross academic misconduct having happened within CRU (which didn't happen), it still wouldn't prove anything about global warming (or the lack of it). If you find flaws in a study saying "P", it doesn't mean you've proven "not P". All you have at that moment is an empty set of proven claims. And if you have ten independent studies of global warming, all of them saying the Earth is warming, every study having independent data, research, and people involved, and one of the people or teams is found to have made anything invalidating that one study - anything from flawed methodology through measurement errors to even outright scientific fraud, it demonstrates nothing about those other studies. All it demonstrates is that from the one flawed study in question, no conclusion can be made about the subject in either direction. Arguing otherwise would be an argument from fallacy, which is a formal fallacy in its own right.

All the evidence concerning the universe has not yet been collected, so there's still hope.