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Submission + - You can't stop the wave, Al.

mmell writes: Words of fiction from a cult classic, but if LIGO scientists are correct, evidence of gravitational waves (an as yet unconfirmed phenomenon predicted by Einstein's theory of General Relativity) has been found.

Comment A quick question for hardware engineering types... (Score 2) 123

If we can (to some rudimentary extent) approximate the previously understood behavior of neurons and synapses as electro-mechanical processes on a silicon chip, how do we approximate this new (slow) method of data distribution within a computational system?

If this does prove to be a mechanism used by organic nervous systems to move information around the neural network (something akin to bias in an old-style electronic circuit?), we will need to create and understand a similar mechanism for silicon-based computing platforms as a necessary step towards creating true machine intelligence.

Comment So let me get this straight . . . (Score 1) 141

After my local Gubberment uses their version of lead-pipe cryptography to convince me that I should take down a website (as opposed to an all-expense paid vacation at the local PITA joint), do I really believe I can get away with putting up a marker that says "Not my fault - they made me!"

Isn't this the same brand of crap as asking website managers to implement a web canary in their HTML? I thought we'd all already discussed that here and concluded that as wonderful as it sounds, it also sounds like a great way to end up in a reeducation camp somewhere.

Comment Re:Calling the police... (Score 2) 954

That's because educators used to be permitted to determine and employ appropriate disciplinary measures on their own. Anybody here remember the Principal's paddle? No?

Damned straight, some kid in school does anything the instructors don't like, call the cops. The instructors are no longer permitted to do anything else. Let this kid's parents pick up the freight - unless they can prove malfeasance, misconduct or abuse on the part of any of the officials involved. Personally, I think they're letting the kid and his family off light - who's going to pay for all of this now?

Comment I don't think they understand how this works . . . (Score 1) 556

My ISP can only 'pierce' (read: violate) encryption that I get from my ISP. Hence that "common carrier" thing. There's no way my ISP can know what I'm doing with their connection if I use encapsulation/encryption methods for which they do not have an escrow - such as encapsulation/encryption methods provided by a veritable host of third parties. VPN, anyone?

Y'know, VPN + TOR = about 90% of the fight won already. I suppose APK can even make a more than valid case for hostfiles in this connection. Hate to give that poor fellow the nod, as he still needs professional help; but (deity help me) I'm actually considering running his software. I may have to get over the author being crazed, or find another similar solution written by someone still in possession of all their marbles.

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