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Comment: Background processing and sharing things please (Score 2) 262

by mmacvicar (#43945473) Attached to: What Features Does iOS 7 Need?
I think it is very important that they provide a way to allow some background processing to any app, it is plain stupid that you receive notifications and the content is not there after opening the app, that messages don't get sent because you minimized the app or that you can't minimize a web page / app while something is being loaded. Mainly because of this my iphone 5 feels like crap compared to my old Galaxy SII. Also: - Let people decide the snooze time... the fixed 9 minutes is weird. Turning off the vibration of the alarm would be good also. - How about providing a decent way to share photos between devices, and apple fans please... email or whatsapp is not a decent way. With decent I mean not having to use a cable and without a third party app. - Save files to your phone and download them later. - Share needs to be extended as in android, twitter + facebook is too limited, I would like to see whatsapp there or even better let the apps ask for permission to appear in the share menu.

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