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The Canadian tradition is to celebrate Remembrance Day or Armistice Day on Nov 11th, 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month. The ceremonies are largely for veterans, and the intent is to Remember those we've lost. This event is run in every community across the country and is coordinated with Royal Canadian Legion, the Canadian Forces and all levels of civilian government. This isn't even a federated holiday, some provinces and territories do declare it a civic holiday, but that doesn't apply to everyone.

We have additional days for veterans and specific events, but none of them reach the total population the way Remembrance Day does.

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I'm on windows right now, which means that in a 1-1 situation, I've gone back to windows at least as many times as I've gone somewhere else.

it's got the widest range of device and application support and is the most ubiqutous when interfacing with other people. It's not my preference, hence the many attempts at migration away - but the fact that I'm still on it say something.

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Policies and Procedures exist for a reason. I support this and will always try to work within 'the system', whatever that may be. If you find 'the system' isn't working. Take the steps necessary to improve it, and carry on. Wash rinse repeat.

To that end, my recommendation is to have the doctors get involved. Absolutely, beef up their security, have good intrusion detection, prevention and reporting. Get security to advise the doctors ahead of time about the planned 'attack', and report back the findings. Be the blue team defending, let them be the red team. Make sure you've done your job right.

I would consider this to be no different than regularly restoring your backup data. You do that right?

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Well then the option should be explored to know what its outcome will be. Sure if "the nice government" says no, then no is the answer. But, and here's where an imagination comes in, what if they are swayed by logical arguments and understand that it could be beneficial to reuse resources that would otherwise have to be destroyed. New contracts can cause amendments to old contracts really easily.

I don't understand why you are discouraging the OP from exploring this option, and I don't really care either. You use terms like "was probably". Depending on the amount of effort it would take to find a definitive answer, it is normally worth while to turn that "was probably" into a known fact. Then action can be taken based on those facts.

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The business solution is the have the original contract revised to not force you to destroy something you want to keep. You get the next contract, get them to keep the parts to save time, money, efforts, energy. If it works then your employer will see you as a multi-faceted resource with solutions from more than one discipline. If nobody agrees then stop working for someone who makes stupid decisions.

That's how I operate and I've never been fired, been promoted 4-5 times though.

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Will it outrun a human on the open savannah or through an urban city? I know the TFA mentioned tight turns and immediate stop & go, but what about in a building, over a fence, through the neighbor's back yard, up the stairs, from one roof to the next? I'd really like to watch something like this outrun an urban freerunner.

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