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Man Threatened Spam Attack In $200,000 Extortion Plot 77

Posted by samzenpus
from the can't-believe-this-didn't-work dept.
52-year-old Anthony Digati was arrested for trying to extort $200,000 from an insurance firm by threatening to spam them with six million emails unless they paid up. Digati said he would use a spam service and his amazing talents as a "huge social networker" to drag the company "through the muddiest waters imaginable" and presumably unfriend everyone. He added that the price would increase to $3 million if they failed to pay up by Monday, according to federal authorities.

Comment: other stuff (Score 1) 211

by mlg9000 (#30041848) Attached to: How Do You Evaluate a Data Center?

Besides the obvious backup power, cooling, environmental stuff mentioned above....

1. Expandability.. how much rack/cage space is available nearby? Get a right of refusal on any empty space near your stuff if you can.
2. Power max per rack, can you get enough for SAN's, blades etc
3. Remote hands availability/skills/costs (really want to make a trip to the datacenter to replace dead hard drives? No. Do the employees know enough to do *limited* work for you)
4. 24/7 access, near employees if a physical presence is required
5. What sort of racks do they have? Can you buy your own?
6. Storage space. Need 100 servers shipped but don't have racks yet? Need to keep spare hardware on hand? Do they have room keep that for you?
7. How many/what carriers do they offer? How is access delivered? What does their network look like?
8. Do they have spare tools/network cables/misc parts. Can they order stuff for you, or is there some place nearby you can pick things up if needed in a hurry?
9. How many employees can you get access for?
10. Do they have a crash cart? Comfortable place to work? Wifi or other forms of internet access available?

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