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Comment: Re:Always with the jabs (Score 1) 513

by mkdx (#41427303) Attached to: iOS 6 Adoption Tops 25% After Just 48 Hours
I have a friend who is psyched about the new iPhone and his plan to replace his previous generation iPhone, he finds it strange that I still find the phone I got about a year ago useable and have no plans for upgrade. Asked him why does he want the iPhone? His answer: because it's faster and newer is more advanced. Only that. No specifics and not a case of any application he uses currently being slow or any feature he needs. I don't understand it.

+ - Apple to Shut Down this summer->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: As iCloud picks up steam, Apple has announced that its beta service will shut down, effective July 31.

  “With a new way to share iWork documents between your devices using iCloud, the public beta service will no longer be available,” Apple said on the iWork website. “As of July 31, 2012, you will no longer be able to access yo

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Comment: Re:That backfired. (Score 1) 325

by mkdx (#37310616) Attached to: Samsung Halts Galaxy Tablet Promotion In Germany
I used iPad 2 first, set it up for a friend who bought it and installed all software they wanted. You know what I think? It's quite overrated, I thought it's heaps ahead of other tablets in market in a way that justifies Apple lock-in, but it's not. I got Galaxy Tab 10.1 a month or so after and quite happy with it. Thank you very much.

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Comment: Re:Motorola is Just Receiving What It Asked For (Score 1) 181

by mkdx (#37060270) Attached to: Apple Files Suit Against Motorola Xoom In EU
Really? I thought it's just Apple being the new patent system abuser. What you have typed would have been more believable if it weren't for the "few" other lawsuits Apple is waging against other Android products/manufacturers. Apple is scared that what happened with smart phone market will happen in tablet market, and will go after every Android tablet maker that show a potential to build a good tablet line.

Comment: A reform IS needed (Score 1) 364

by mkdx (#36992522) Attached to: Finding Fault With the Low, Low Price of Android
Patent System the current system will just encourage companies to develop off shore, especially small ones and startups, that if it does not stop them in their tracks before even stepping in market. How can many companies hold thousands of miniature patents like that? thousands of patents sound absurd. I wonder if this level of "innovation" exist in any other sector....

Comment: I don't think this is meant to undermine MS image (Score 1) 152

by mkdx (#29529411) Attached to: Google Frame Benchmarks 9x Faster than IE8
Google is building and expanding its own online infrastructure (see weave for example).

It's also undeniable that IE has a big market share, and Google needs to account for it. So this seems to be the only reasonable route they can take as this issue doesn't seem to be of much interest to MS at the moment.

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